Thursday, 3 July 2014

Corporeal Beast: Spirit Swords

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With the upcoming continent expansion our osrs developers plan to create it would be a good time to talk about a new/old boss: The Corporeal Beast.

As many players know this boss dropped the in/famous Spirit Shields that struggle to find their way into oldschool runescape because the shields are considered OP.

Now what if the Corporeal Beast of this distant and unknown continent dropped something else than shields? What if it dropped Spirit Swords instead?

Corporeal Beasts also like when a player must complete a quest before killing them.

The items:

Spirit Swords are level 55 2.4s interval (scimitar speed) melee weapons that can be blessed with a Holy Elixir to recieve a level 65 weapon and combined with a sigil into a level 75 sword.

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The Stats of a level 75 Spirit Sword with an attached sigil.
Attack-icon   Attack bonus   Attack-icon
White daggerWhite scimitarWhite warhammerMagic-iconRanged-icon
Defence-icon   Defence bonus   Defence-icon
White daggerWhite scimitarWhite warhammerMagic-iconRanged-icon
Other bonusesSlot
Weapon slot
Monster attack speed 6

The stats are a bit lower than those of an Abyssal Tentacle but the diffrent sigils bring their own effects:

Spectral Spirit Sword

On top of its stats it provides additional +20 magic defense. (Spectral Spirit Shield provided +30 magic defense.)

Arcane Spirit Sword

On top of its stats it provides additional +15 magic attack. (Arcane Spirit Shield provided +20 magic attack.)

Elysian Spirit Sword

On top of its stats you have a 70% chance to increase the damage of your next hit by 7%.

Divine Spirit Sword

On top of its stats your melee damage is permanently increased by 10% but your prayer points also drain 20% faster.

These swords require Attack and Prayer 75 to be worn (and Magic 75 for arcane).

How are these swords compared to Abyssal Whip/Tentacle?

- Given a strength bonus of 135 Abyssal Whip hits 47 and Tentacle 48 + 4 poison.
- Arcane/Spectral Spirit Swords hit a maximum of 48.
- Elysian Spirit Sword has a 70% chance to increase its max hit to 51 from 48.
- Divine Spirit Sword has a max hit of 52 while draining your prayers 20% faster.

All swords have a strength xp option.

I believe that the effects are balanced and that they would not devalue whip/tentacle with the Corporeal Beast's low drop chances of ~1:1000 and the difficulty in killing it. Their stats are not that much better and infact worse than those of a Tentacle. Spirit Swords do not degrade.

And here is a concept art for an Arcane Spirit Sword. Although I'm not as good as a Jagex employe this should be enough to show how I imagine these swords to look like.