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In a recent Devblog I talked about a new community E-Zine that we would be creating for the community. The articles are to be sourced from you guys and entered into a blog. Everything any of you submit will be available for everyone to read and the most engaging and interesting posts will be highlighted in a regular E-zine.

So how does it work? 

You have already found the Old School Community Blog. If you want to be able to submit articles, you will need to apply to become an contributor. Simply sign up for a Gmail account and post your Gmail address in the blog thread on the Official Old School RuneScape forums (this thread is autohidden so no one will see it).

If you are accepted, we'll let you know through your GMail account. You will then need to use your Gmail account to sign up to blogger. You can then submit your stories to this blog.

If you look at the top of the blog, you will see a link called "The NEWedition of Old School magazine" Click on that and you will be able to see latest edition of the magazine.

If you are looking through the posts on the blog and want to make a comment on them, you can do using your Blogger, Gmail or Google+ accounts.

Obviously, there are some guidelines which you should follow when posting blogs, you can read them below.

Blogging Guidelines

Please don't use any offensive or inappropriate language
  • Please make sure any links you use are to safe locations
  • Ensure any images you use are appropriate
  • Don't flame other users or groups of users
  • This isn't a platform for ranting about anything - criticism must be constructive

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