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Corporeal Beast: Spirit Swords

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With the upcoming continent expansion our osrs developers plan to create it would be a good time to talk about a new/old boss: The Corporeal Beast.

As many players know this boss dropped the in/famous Spirit Shields that struggle to find their way into oldschool runescape because the shields are considered OP.

Now what if the Corporeal Beast of this distant and unknown continent dropped something else than shields? What if it dropped Spirit Swords instead?

Corporeal Beasts also like when a player must complete a quest before killing them.

The items:

Spirit Swords are level 55 2.4s interval (scimitar speed) melee weapons that can be blessed with a Holy Elixir to recieve a level 65 weapon and combined with a sigil into a level 75 sword.

Hover over image for type
The Stats of a level 75 Spirit Sword with an attached sigil.
Attack-icon   Attack bonus   Attack-icon
White daggerWhite scimitarWhite warhammerMagic-iconRanged-icon
Defence-icon   Defence bonus   Defence-icon
White daggerWhite scimitarWhite warhammerMagic-iconRanged-icon
Other bonusesSlot
Weapon slot
Monster attack speed 6

The stats are a bit lower than those of an Abyssal Tentacle but the diffrent sigils bring their own effects:

Spectral Spirit Sword

On top of its stats it provides additional +20 magic defense. (Spectral Spirit Shield provided +30 magic defense.)

Arcane Spirit Sword

On top of its stats it provides additional +15 magic attack. (Arcane Spirit Shield provided +20 magic attack.)

Elysian Spirit Sword

On top of its stats you have a 70% chance to increase the damage of your next hit by 7%.

Divine Spirit Sword

On top of its stats your melee damage is permanently increased by 10% but your prayer points also drain 20% faster.

These swords require Attack and Prayer 75 to be worn (and Magic 75 for arcane).

How are these swords compared to Abyssal Whip/Tentacle?

- Given a strength bonus of 135 Abyssal Whip hits 47 and Tentacle 48 + 4 poison.
- Arcane/Spectral Spirit Swords hit a maximum of 48.
- Elysian Spirit Sword has a 70% chance to increase its max hit to 51 from 48.
- Divine Spirit Sword has a max hit of 52 while draining your prayers 20% faster.

All swords have a strength xp option.

I believe that the effects are balanced and that they would not devalue whip/tentacle with the Corporeal Beast's low drop chances of ~1:1000 and the difficulty in killing it. Their stats are not that much better and infact worse than those of a Tentacle. Spirit Swords do not degrade.

And here is a concept art for an Arcane Spirit Sword. Although I'm not as good as a Jagex employe this should be enough to show how I imagine these swords to look like.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Just an idea for the new skill

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The blog looks like it has been dead for a bit, but I might as well post my preliminary idea here :)

New skill idea


Basic Idea:
 Being able to summon the undead and spirits to aid in combat or defense.

How it would work:
Necromancy would require the player to go through training before they could use it. Necromancy would be a
Non Combat skill, allowing skillers to use it as well. Training the skill would consist of
using a knife with bones to create a necromancer's totem Each totem would also require the player to make a blood tie with it taking a percentage of hp from the player. With the totem the player could conjure some form of deceased monster. The totems would be destroyed after a number of uses. The stronger the totem, the longer it would survive. Totems could be created in the field or at a bank, by using a knife with the bone, selecting the totem, and then sacrificing hp to make it. It could be done at the fountain of rune in the Wilderness, for sacrificing 99% of your life points you would gain a Necromancers Totem (i) which will last twice as long and produce 1.5x stronger monsters.
EXP would be awarded for successfully creating a monster and having the monster engage in combat. If the monster aids you in combat then the Necromancery XP will be the same as the combat exp earned. If the monster fights alone then it will only gain half the exp.
This allows for Skillers to train Necromancy, but will not as successful as somebody using them in combat for themselves.

Monsters could be summoned and dismissed at any time. The type of creature conjured would be based on what totem the player has (created using different bones) and the player's necromancy level. The conjured creature would be alive based on a time limit and a HP gauge. To raise the monster you must preform the ritual (by clicking on the totem) the ritual depending on what you are raising can take between 5s and 1m to cast. Monsters timer would start 30 seconds after resurected.

Skill tree: (Note levels of conjured monsters will be scaled based on the to the user's combat level, All levels are currently scaled to Level 3)

Level 1: Skeleton (level 7), Raise 1 monster. Normal bone totem (100 uses)

Level 5: Ghost (level 11)

Level 10: Rotting Zombie (Level 13), Raise 2 monsters.

Level 17: Basic Demon (Level 20) (big bone totem) (500 uses)

Level 25: Zombie (level 26)

Level 32: Wraith (level 37)

Level 40: Unholy Demon (level 50)

Level 45: Skeleton Mage (level 52)
Level 45: Skeleton Warrior (level 52)
Level 45: Skeleton Archer (level 52)
Level 45: Raise 3 Monsters.
(level 45 you can raise the Skeleton brothers, Larry, Moe, and Curly, who when summoned together live longer and do more damage. They also have comedic lines from the three stooges for which the name is based off)

Level 65: Raise fallen foe (If an enemy dies you raise their corps to fight for you, Their level remains the same as well as the time limit they are alive)

Level 70: Perfect zombie (level 75) (Longer timer) (dragon bone totem) (1000 uses)

Level 82: Raise 4 monsters

Level 90: Undead beast (level 110) (Very slow attack, very high defence and health, good to use as a tank)

Level 93: Undead Dragon (level 110) (Very fast attack, with low defence and health, good for use with DPS)

Level 95: raise 5 monsters.

Level 99: Lich (level 155) (The lich is able to stay alive for a very long time by sapping enemy health, the lich can not directly attack or defend, but has a health sap and energy sap that hits every 30 seconds for a % of the target's hp) (Lavadragon bone totem) (5000 uses)

This skill is not meant for PVP as much as it is meant for PVM. All creatures you summon will count as you so they can be used in a single combat zone. You can only raise one of each monster above perfect zombie.
(Perfect zombie and below you can raise as many as you can summon)

This is not meant for Skillers to be able to PK, rather for them to be able to go through dangerous areas without worrying about being killed or attacked as much.

PVP: If there is another raised monster, your raised monster will automatically go for it rather then following your command, leaving PVPers to still fight each other without worrying about being attacked by the enemy's monsters. So it is beneficial to PK with a raised monster. Even if the enemy dose not have one it will benefit you by providing more dps. During pvp the only modes available to use are Attack and Focus. (See commands)


The monsters will have a command box. The commands will be the following:

Attack: Your raised monster(s) will attack at will

Defend: Your Raised Monster(s) will attempt to draw the aggro of the enemy to them

Protect: Your monster(s) primary goal will be the defense of you. They will draw attacks to them instead of you and will engage enemy's who attack you.

Focus:  Your monster(s) will focus all attacks on whatever you are attacking.

Each monster can be controlled individually or as a group from the necromancy screen, so you can have three of your zombies protecting you while two of your demons will focus the enemy or attack whatever you need attacked.

Places monsters can not be used: Duel arena, pest control, barbarian assault, or any other minigame where they would only be in the way.

All bosses will have a chance to ignore your monsters and attack you directly instead of focusing on your monster.

Tie in with lore: The people in the new lands practice necromancy like those in the normal land practice magic. It is a long passed down skill, but it is forbidden to teach to an outsider. You meet Lorinar, a young necromancer in a port and aid him. Throughout the quest you end up on the new land. Eventually you convince the young Necromancer to teach you his ways.
The Boy agrees and teaches you the basics of necromancy. The locals find out and hold the boy in prison pending execution. You must break him out (either by using combat means, or skilling to make the quest available to everybody) and escape. You succeed in breaking him out but then are captured yourself. You must then use Necromancy to break yourself out and escape the village.
Once out of the village you learn that the people have been plagued with problems, and you decide to help with them to get back int good graces. You complete all the tasks assigned to you and then the village formally accepts you as one of their own, and permits the practice of necromancy for you. quest complete, level 5 in necromancy.

Necromancy can open many doors for players who fear going places because they are not good at combat. Now skillers can mine runite ore, or runecrafters can run runes in more safely, as long as the PKer dose not have any levels in necromancy. It would also open up the idea of dungeons that you could do with friends where the game throws many monsters against your party and a good way to complete the dungeon without taking too much damage.

This will not eliminate the need for a group to boss hunt. Your monsters will be week to bosses and can be killed easily if focused If your monster dies you lose some hp for your blood tie to the creature.

Necromancer's robes and gear:
Leveled gear and armor based on long flowing extravagantrobes that would increase your abilities in necromancy by creating stronger monsters, reducing the time to resurrect a monster, or prolonging a monster's life timer.

This is all just a basic idea, more could be added or altered to make the skill more balanced or fun for all. Thanks for reading, feel free to PM me in game: Lord Omanyte, or message me if there is something you would like to know or if you have a suggestion.  

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bulletin Board Trading

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So with that in mind lets move to what the current problem is with trading.

if you visit the trade worlds (mainly w1) you'll notice that almost everyone in that world is standing in and around the west bank in Varrock. This means that nearly 2000 people are standing on top of each other and trying to talk at the same time. This leads to peoples chat instantly being removed from the chat channel, making it hard for some people to trade, some people also use Auto Typers to spam the chat trying to get their message across (even though this is a mutable offence for macroing & spamming). Even though Zybez is used in place to make trading easier.

trading board and falador trading are the best compromises...

trading board you can type a message (leave an ad) up (up to 6 ads) and walk away, do what ever and when someone sees it they can pm you, and you two can teleport to the sellers location across world depending on who is in the safest area + least populated world...

So the complex part...chalk boards can be placed in every bank in the game (convenience), you only need to type once and it doesn't have to be in the game chat (no spam), it's easier to find people (buyer-seller cross world teleport), a search feature can be implemented so you can find what you are looking for and the price you want to pay (item/gold value required to pm person to avoid scams), since you have to be online to trade the Ad will only be available while online (no fake ads), there would also be a limit to how much of anything you can place prices would be set by the player and not based on market flow.

maybe introduce a trade limit for the first 24 hours on a newly created account or new accounts are unable to (drop) trade for the first 24 hours of consecutive gameplay, that would also stall gold farmers/bots a bit.

but remember scamming can be prevented, bots and merchers are always going to be an issue.

Compromises met
G.E. people: more time playing and less time waiting,

Both: very convenient, easy to find people, no spam, and scamming prevented, price manipulation prevented

Anti G.E. people: no offline trading, player to player trading, less dev time required, prices player controlled

the trade board can also double up for other things, it can be used for events, clain recruitment, looking for someone to quest with ect. 



Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Introducing: The Forgotten Spellbook

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I believe that magic is currently the least used combat style for PvE or PvP.
Magic is used to kill DKs or for Barrows in PvE and as a support for freezing opponents in PvP.
Almost nobody kills GWD bosses with magic and if you PK using magic only you either get accused for farcasting or just DDS speced to death.

The overall problem I see is that magic armour is very weak against melee attacks although magic is supposed to be the counter to melee. Another problem would be the low damage in PvE.

I saw a lot of people begging for a polypore-like weapon or a ganodermic-like armour. Releasing such things would be a terrible mistake as, in my opinion, those items were very gamebreaking.

In order to make the use of magic-only more rewarding without releasing items as polypore or ganodermic a friend of mine and myself have developed a new magic spellbook for both PvE and PvP.

Posted Image

The spells

Important: all numbers and % are based on personal game experience and calculations but there was no way of ingame testing the spells.

I would love if this spellbook could be the reward for an amazing quest!

Requirements: Level 52 in magic.
Posted Image Home Teleport (lvl 1)
This spell will teleport you near the altar at which you can swap to this spellbook. The location of that altar has yet to be decided.
Posted ImageBarbarian Village Teleport (lvl 52) - 2 law runes 4 fire runes
Teleports you to the Barbarian Village
Posted ImageStellar Breeze (lvl 53) - max hit 14 - 2 chaos runes 3 body runes 2 fire runes
15% Chance to lower opponent's strength level by 1 for a maximum of 2 levels.
Spell animation: Chaos Elemental magic attack (2 red balls) recoloured to orange.
Posted Image
Posted ImageShantay Pass Teleport (lvl 56) - 2 law runes 4 earth runes
Teleports you to the Shantay Pass
Posted ImageDecant Potion (lvl 57) - 2 cosmic runes 2 water runes
Decants all potions in your inventory to (4) potions if possible. Noted potions don't work.
Posted ImageAether Breeze (lvl 57) - max hit 15 - 2 chaos runes 3 body runes 2 water runes
10% chance to lower opponent's magic level by 1 for a maximum of 2 levels.
Spell animation: Chaos Elemental magic attack (2 red balls) recoloured to cyan.
Posted Image
Posted ImageArcane Breeze (lvl 61) - max hit 16 - 2 chaos runes 3 body runes 2 air runes
15% chance to boost your magic level by 1 for a maximum of 2 levels.
Spell animation: Chaos Elemental magic attack (2 red balls) recoloured to purple.
Posted Image
Posted ImageDraynor Manor Teleport (lvl 63) - 2 law runes 2 water runes 2 air runes
Teleports you infront of the Draynor Manor.
Posted ImageRecharge Dragonstone (lvl 68) - 3 cosmic runes 10 earth runes 10 water runes
Recharges 1 enchanted dragonstone item in your inventory (requires Heroes Quest).
Posted ImageGrand Tree Teleport (lvl 68) - 2 law runes 3 air runes 3 earth runes
Teleports you to the Grand Tree infront of the King's Room.
Posted ImageStellar Gust (lvl 69) - max hit 20 - 2 death runes 5 body runes 3 fire runes
15% chance to lower opponent's strength level by 1 for a maximum of 4 levels.
Spell animation: Kalphite Queen's magic attack (white bolt which becomes a lightning strike on hit) recoloured to orange
Posted Image Posted Image
Posted ImageAether Gust (lvl 73) - max hit 21 - 2 death runes 5 body runes 3 water runes
10% chance to lower opponent's magic level by 1 for a maximum of 4 levels.
Spell animation: Kalphite Queen's magic attack (white bolt which becomes a lightning strike on hit) recoloured to cyan.
Posted Image Posted Image

Posted ImageRellekka Teleport (lvl 74) - 2 law runes 4 earth runes 4 water runes
Teleports you to the Rellekka marketplace.
Posted ImageRepair Armour (lvl 77) - 2 cosmic runes 2 law runes 5 earth runes
Repairs your damaged armour (requires money). Same price as Bob, you gain no smithing xp.
Posted ImageArcane Gust (lvl 77) - max hit 22 - 2 death runes 5 body runes 3 air runes
15% chance to boost your magic level by 1 for a maximum of 4 levels.
Spell animation: Kalphite Queen's magic attack (white bolt which becomes a lightning strike on hit) recoloured to purple
Posted Image Posted Image
Posted ImageGu'Tanoth Teleport (lvl 79) - 1 law rune 1 nature rune 5 earth runes
Teleports you to the Gu'Tanoth Marketplace (requires Watchtower Quest).
Posted ImageTireless Run (lvl 80) - 1 soul rune 5 body runes
Restores 30% of your agility level as run energy.
Posted ImageStellar Storm (lvl 83) - max hit 26 - 2 soul runes 7 body runes 5 fire runes
15% chance to lower opponent's strength level by 2 for a maximum of 6 levels.
Spell animation: Sergeant Steelwill's (Bandos minion) magic attack recoloured to orange.
Posted Image
Posted ImageDark Warriors' Fortress Teleport (lvl 84) - 3 law runes 3 earth runes 3 air runes
Teleports you near the Dark Warrior's Fortress (wildy lvl ~12 non-multi zone).
Posted ImageFatigue (lvl 85) - max hit 18 - 1 soul rune 1 death rune 10 body runes
Drains 15% of opponent's current run energy. (You don't get the run energy. Effective at high %, weak at low %). This spell is designed to slow your enemies down if they try to run. There is no immobilize in this spellbook because i think that immobilizes encourage farcasting and the idea behind this spellbook is that you're able to fight your opponent face to face using some effects of high level spells (see Empower Body and Empower Mind).

Spell animation: Chaos Elemental's ranged attack.
Posted Image
Posted ImageAether Storm (lvl 87) - max hit 27- 2 soul runes 7 body runes 5 water runes
10% chance to lower opponent's magic level by 2 for a maximum of 6 levels.
Spell animation: Sergeant Steelwill's (Bandos minion) magic attack recoloured to cyan.
Posted Image
Posted ImageChaos Altar Teleport (lvl 89) - 3 law runes 2 chaos runes
Teleports you to the Chaos Altar in the (lvl 13) Wilderness (NOT the chaos rune altar).
Posted ImageArcane Storm (lvl 91) - max hit 28 - 2 soul runes 7 body runes 5 air runes
15% chance to boost magic level by 2 for a maximum of 6 levels.
Spell animation: Sergeant Steelwill's (Bandos minion) magic attack recoloured to purple.
Posted Image
Posted ImageMeteorite (lvl 92) - max hit 6* - 1 soul rune 2 death runes 5 earth runes
Summons a meteorite crashing down on your foes.

* Max hit increases depending on the combat level of the target it hits -> combat level is turned into %
Example: General Graardor is combat level 624. If you cast Meteorite on General Graardor the spell's max hit is increased by Graardor's combat level in % -> 6 x 6.24 (= 624%) = 37,44.
This skill is not meant for PKing. Spells as the God Spells will still remain viable for killing DKs. This skill is supposed to provide a good damage source against GWD bosses or Jad. Its damage can further be boosted with Staff of the Dead or other effects making it a powerful alternative to ranged or melee combat.

Casting animation: Similar to God Spells. Skill animation: Jad ranged attack.
Posted Image
Posted ImageFocus (lvl 93) - 2 soul runes 5 body runes 1 death rune
Increases the damage of your next outgoing magic attack by 20%. 60 seconds cooldown.
Posted ImageCharge Energy (lvl 94) - 2 soul runes 3 cosmic runes 5 body runes
Recharges 10% of your special attack bar. 60 seconds cooldown.
Posted ImageEmpower Mind (lvl 95) - 3 soul runes 15 mind runes 10 air runes
120 seconds duration: Increases your magic damage by 15% but reduces your magic accuracy by 30%.
Stacks with other effects (staff of the dead, focus, empower body).
Posted ImageEmpower Body (lvl 96) - 3 soul runes 15 body runes 15 earth runes
120 seconds duration: While wielding a staff this spell doubles your melee armour rating but reduces your magic damage by 15%. With this spell you can achieve a similar armour rating as somebody in full rune or barrows if you use a shield. This allowes you to fight a 1Vs1 against a melee combatant without having to farcast. Your overall damage will be reduced but your spells will hit more often due to the melee user's magic defense weakness. You will still be vulnerable to ranged attacks!
Stacks with other effects (staff of the dead, focus, empower body).

Some words

Thanks for taking time to read my thread. Suggestions or criticism are welcome but please restrain from posting things as "no thanks".

Fell free to post your feedback here! (RS Forums)
or here! (Zybez Forums)