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Just an idea for the new skill

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The blog looks like it has been dead for a bit, but I might as well post my preliminary idea here :)

New skill idea


Basic Idea:
 Being able to summon the undead and spirits to aid in combat or defense.

How it would work:
Necromancy would require the player to go through training before they could use it. Necromancy would be a
Non Combat skill, allowing skillers to use it as well. Training the skill would consist of
using a knife with bones to create a necromancer's totem Each totem would also require the player to make a blood tie with it taking a percentage of hp from the player. With the totem the player could conjure some form of deceased monster. The totems would be destroyed after a number of uses. The stronger the totem, the longer it would survive. Totems could be created in the field or at a bank, by using a knife with the bone, selecting the totem, and then sacrificing hp to make it. It could be done at the fountain of rune in the Wilderness, for sacrificing 99% of your life points you would gain a Necromancers Totem (i) which will last twice as long and produce 1.5x stronger monsters.
EXP would be awarded for successfully creating a monster and having the monster engage in combat. If the monster aids you in combat then the Necromancery XP will be the same as the combat exp earned. If the monster fights alone then it will only gain half the exp.
This allows for Skillers to train Necromancy, but will not as successful as somebody using them in combat for themselves.

Monsters could be summoned and dismissed at any time. The type of creature conjured would be based on what totem the player has (created using different bones) and the player's necromancy level. The conjured creature would be alive based on a time limit and a HP gauge. To raise the monster you must preform the ritual (by clicking on the totem) the ritual depending on what you are raising can take between 5s and 1m to cast. Monsters timer would start 30 seconds after resurected.

Skill tree: (Note levels of conjured monsters will be scaled based on the to the user's combat level, All levels are currently scaled to Level 3)

Level 1: Skeleton (level 7), Raise 1 monster. Normal bone totem (100 uses)

Level 5: Ghost (level 11)

Level 10: Rotting Zombie (Level 13), Raise 2 monsters.

Level 17: Basic Demon (Level 20) (big bone totem) (500 uses)

Level 25: Zombie (level 26)

Level 32: Wraith (level 37)

Level 40: Unholy Demon (level 50)

Level 45: Skeleton Mage (level 52)
Level 45: Skeleton Warrior (level 52)
Level 45: Skeleton Archer (level 52)
Level 45: Raise 3 Monsters.
(level 45 you can raise the Skeleton brothers, Larry, Moe, and Curly, who when summoned together live longer and do more damage. They also have comedic lines from the three stooges for which the name is based off)

Level 65: Raise fallen foe (If an enemy dies you raise their corps to fight for you, Their level remains the same as well as the time limit they are alive)

Level 70: Perfect zombie (level 75) (Longer timer) (dragon bone totem) (1000 uses)

Level 82: Raise 4 monsters

Level 90: Undead beast (level 110) (Very slow attack, very high defence and health, good to use as a tank)

Level 93: Undead Dragon (level 110) (Very fast attack, with low defence and health, good for use with DPS)

Level 95: raise 5 monsters.

Level 99: Lich (level 155) (The lich is able to stay alive for a very long time by sapping enemy health, the lich can not directly attack or defend, but has a health sap and energy sap that hits every 30 seconds for a % of the target's hp) (Lavadragon bone totem) (5000 uses)

This skill is not meant for PVP as much as it is meant for PVM. All creatures you summon will count as you so they can be used in a single combat zone. You can only raise one of each monster above perfect zombie.
(Perfect zombie and below you can raise as many as you can summon)

This is not meant for Skillers to be able to PK, rather for them to be able to go through dangerous areas without worrying about being killed or attacked as much.

PVP: If there is another raised monster, your raised monster will automatically go for it rather then following your command, leaving PVPers to still fight each other without worrying about being attacked by the enemy's monsters. So it is beneficial to PK with a raised monster. Even if the enemy dose not have one it will benefit you by providing more dps. During pvp the only modes available to use are Attack and Focus. (See commands)


The monsters will have a command box. The commands will be the following:

Attack: Your raised monster(s) will attack at will

Defend: Your Raised Monster(s) will attempt to draw the aggro of the enemy to them

Protect: Your monster(s) primary goal will be the defense of you. They will draw attacks to them instead of you and will engage enemy's who attack you.

Focus:  Your monster(s) will focus all attacks on whatever you are attacking.

Each monster can be controlled individually or as a group from the necromancy screen, so you can have three of your zombies protecting you while two of your demons will focus the enemy or attack whatever you need attacked.

Places monsters can not be used: Duel arena, pest control, barbarian assault, or any other minigame where they would only be in the way.

All bosses will have a chance to ignore your monsters and attack you directly instead of focusing on your monster.

Tie in with lore: The people in the new lands practice necromancy like those in the normal land practice magic. It is a long passed down skill, but it is forbidden to teach to an outsider. You meet Lorinar, a young necromancer in a port and aid him. Throughout the quest you end up on the new land. Eventually you convince the young Necromancer to teach you his ways.
The Boy agrees and teaches you the basics of necromancy. The locals find out and hold the boy in prison pending execution. You must break him out (either by using combat means, or skilling to make the quest available to everybody) and escape. You succeed in breaking him out but then are captured yourself. You must then use Necromancy to break yourself out and escape the village.
Once out of the village you learn that the people have been plagued with problems, and you decide to help with them to get back int good graces. You complete all the tasks assigned to you and then the village formally accepts you as one of their own, and permits the practice of necromancy for you. quest complete, level 5 in necromancy.

Necromancy can open many doors for players who fear going places because they are not good at combat. Now skillers can mine runite ore, or runecrafters can run runes in more safely, as long as the PKer dose not have any levels in necromancy. It would also open up the idea of dungeons that you could do with friends where the game throws many monsters against your party and a good way to complete the dungeon without taking too much damage.

This will not eliminate the need for a group to boss hunt. Your monsters will be week to bosses and can be killed easily if focused If your monster dies you lose some hp for your blood tie to the creature.

Necromancer's robes and gear:
Leveled gear and armor based on long flowing extravagantrobes that would increase your abilities in necromancy by creating stronger monsters, reducing the time to resurrect a monster, or prolonging a monster's life timer.

This is all just a basic idea, more could be added or altered to make the skill more balanced or fun for all. Thanks for reading, feel free to PM me in game: Lord Omanyte, or message me if there is something you would like to know or if you have a suggestion.