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One Small Favour - Minigame

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This mini game is simple and same concept as One small favour quest. After finishing the quest, players can do more favours to Yanni for big rewards. Like Clue scroll, Next NPC to do favour will be randomly selected by game.
Total 3 different modes to play(Easy, medium, hard)
Easy Favours:
No requirements for this. Players have to travel around and meet multiple NPC to do favours.

Medium Favours:
Medium skill requirements to create items for NPC. Eg, 1. Create special steel plate body with this special steel bar. 2. Chop and bring me logs from special tree located in forest south of fishing colony. Also medium level combat to kill monsters from level 30-80 as favour.

Hard Favours:
This one needs high skill requirements to bring high level items. And good combat level to kill monsters ranging from level 70-200+
After doing favour to Yanni he will give one of the chest from his antique shop collection. Like Treasure Trial Chest, it will give different types of items.
All rewards can be obtained in any modes, but drop rate will be slightly different. If easy mode gives 10 noted herb, med will give 20 noted and hard 30 noted. And if drop rate of rare item is 1/50 in hard mode, med will be 1/75 and easy 1/100.
Common items- noted herbs, gems, runes, potions, secondary’s and other resources.
Ideas for Rare Items:
Onyx (very rare)
Dragon Plate body parts (very rare) – it will be forged with dragon chain mail. Because it needs strong skull structure to withstand high heat while forging. Once made cannot dismantle.
Gilded Frame (rare) – use on finished god books to improve its stats like illuminated god books pre EoC.
Camelot Hilt (rare)- use on Excalibur to make enhanced Excalibur with improved stats and slow healing special. Only hilt is tradable, can dismantle anytime.

Special items:
Some npc may ask special item from monsters. but have to kill by special weapon to get it as drop, that special weapon only available from another npc and that npc will ask a favor to give that weapon, this is how favor chain continues.

special item eg: corrupted goblin armor from goblins from med task or even broken visage from particular dragon, broken dragon chain mail from kq in hard tasks. These items can only available as drop when the favor is asked. players can have only 1 item at a time. and these items have no other use.

This minigame is verymuch possible to create in oldschool. it doesn't need any new npc, area or graphic artists.

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