Monday, 23 September 2013

Getting Into The Halloween Spirit

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So in just a handful of days we will be into the month of October, and in the Month of October comes a very fun holiday - Halloween. Halloween happens to be a favorite holiday of many players within the community. So how will you find yourselves getting into the Halloween Spirit in this coming holiday season? What kind of events aside from the official holiday event are you guys interested in seeing? What kind of events will you be expecting to see from the Old School Team?

I personally will be decorating and baking Halloween goodies irlscape. For the community however, keep a close eye on the Old School general forum as there will soon be a thread up for some awesome Halloween events I have planned for you guys, as well as some other events from other awesome members of the community. As for the Old School team, I'm sure Mat, Ash, Nexus, and the rest of the crew will be whipping up some spectacularly spooky events. I personally would like to see some Zombie or Skeleton Invasion stuff.

I'm looking forward to the coming season, I hope you all are as well, it's going to be great fun. Until then, take care everyone, and an early Happy Halloween to you all!