Thursday, 19 September 2013

A time for change

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Hello, as we all know OSRS Needs F2P! (a post by Np where he gives a detailed explanation as to why F2P is needed) to attract new players to Old School...and yes jmods we know that OSRS is not intended to ever replace, but the player base is dwindling but still surviving. we don't need a lot of F2P servers the 2 we have now can be used for full F2P servers and later on down the road more can be created as they are needed.

Another world type that is needed are 2007 worlds, (Bronze star in the center of a gold star & silver star, worlds 1 for both F2P & Members) and in these worlds all the updates added to OSRS would be disabled (except for bug fixes including PID update & path finding when it gets added), so if you wore any new content or had new content in your inventory or bank, you couldn't use it, just like when you have members objects in F2P worlds, new content is anything & everything added to the game since OSRS was released...that way people that want 2007 servers with no updates will get it and won't be able to throw the "pre-eocers are ruining the game" card anymore.

speaking of Pre-EOCers, recently we have seen a lot of jealously posted on the forums and said in cross game clan/friends chat that they are un happy with the fact that trimmed quest capes have come up on the table for OSRS first, and because we were first some had the ability to vote in the poll and could be voting the trimmed quest cape down (i'm not saying they are the only people voting it down)

So to make Pre-eocers happy they need to receive their own game, but don't update it.

the time for change part of this is voting requirements needs to change raising the total level number to vote isn't the best answer in my opinion some people just go on the game to chill even though they could be in game as long as someone else who is trying to get 99 in every skill. I think the new voting requirement is have played OSRS for X amount of hours.