Tuesday, 10 September 2013

An Alternate G.E.

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Hello Mr Crow again, lately there has been a lot of debate in which pre-eocers came to old school because they don't like EOC, hence the name pre-eocers and they don't like the fact that the old school trading system is and was exactly the way it is now in old school. And then there's the other half of the community that wants the game to be G.E. free, Mod Reach even said that the grand exchange is something that would not becoming to Old School, yet the demand for a grand exchange still remains and often comes up from both sides... some don't want to use a trade site, use the forums or don't want to compete with auto typers in trade worlds (W301& W302)

I will admit that trying to compete with autotypers in trade worlds is annoying and some people don't know that standing in said trade worlds spamming what you are buying, selling, or trading is the old school way, not standing in one spot talking to 2 npcs to easy skill and make lots of money with out putting in much effort, and not trading with anyone.

Since G.E. amongst other things are in a box labeled *DO NOT ADD* on the shelf of ideas for our small dev team to do, we as a community could and can come up with an alternative G.E....and i don't think player own shops is the way to go.

the alternate idea needs to eliminate spam in public chat, make finding someone much easier, and not lead to lazy skilling that R$3 has today.

so here goes my idea.

1st trade chat typed in public chat will automatically go to the trade tab, such as when someone says WTS(want to sell), WTB (want to buy), WTT (want to trade), or anything similar to that.

2nd A new Right click option over game will by made so that the trade tab will only show chat with the person you are trading with and when someone wants to trade with you. the trade tab filters will limit it from seeing everyone's trade spam to friends trade chat to no trade chat. this will be limited to the town you are in so you don't have to try and read up to 2000 sentences repeatedly, everyone only needs to type once.

3rd an NPC will be placed in each bank, the 1st time someone says a trade related sentence, that line will go to the NPC. a player can go to this NPC and read what someone is buying, selling, or trading. the buyer can then send a message to the seller (appears in private chat with orange text, both buyer and seller will appear as Orange dots on the minimap, both buyer and seller will be able to PM each other without adding each other to friends list) when buyer leaves the city/town the trade message will disappear from the NPC and will not be able to receive orange pms, same if the buyer logs out.

here is an example of the NPC interface and the entire idea...yes it's from another game but it can be adapted into Old School runescape since this is what both sides of the table are looking for, Pre -Eocers get less spam in public chat, they get a place that makes finding what they are looking for easier, and Pro-Old Schoolers get to keep player interaction and having to stay in a town for while until they are done, buying, selling, or trading.

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