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Dragon-Shark Pie ( Wilderness and PvP Worlds related update)

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State of the Wilderness -

I won't spend too much time harping on this because it is basically common knowledge that Wilderness and player-killing in general is “dead” and/or stale right now. This is not something we want if we are to have a healthy OSRS. The following post hopes to address this concern and more in an elegant fashion.

New Item: Dragon-Shark Pie -

Required ingredients (with 97 Cooking) -
x1 Small Dragon Meat (see below)
x1 Raw Shark (see blow)
x1 Big Bone dust (see below)
x1 Strawberry
x1 Pie Shell

Small Dragon Meat -

How to obtain-

Dragon Meat would be ONLY OBTAINABLE FROM DRAGONS IN DANGEROUS PVP AREAS. This includes all of the Wilderness and, of course, the impending PvP Worlds. Here is a breakdown of the scaling for the dragon-meat drops for the relevant dragons:

Green Dragon: x1 Small Dragon Meat

Blue Dragon: Medium Dragon Meat, cut with knife to obtain x2 Small Dragon Meat

Red Dragon: Large Dragon Meat, cut with knife to obtain x4 Small Dragon Meat
Black Dragon: Giant Dragon Meat, cut with knife to obtain x5 Small Dragon Meat

Implication(s) -

  1. Incentives for non-pkers to venture into dangerous areas with a high risk – high reward monster hunting dynamic.
    i) Red Dragons in deep wilderness will no longer be nearly dead content.
    ii) Possible alternative (not necessarily sole alternative) to XP boosts on PvP worlds as the main incentive for non-pkers.
      a) At the same time it does not detract from the Wilderness, but rather adds to it.
    iii) A bit of a throwback to Green Dragon hunting in it's prime, only more exciting and fun in my opinion.

Raw Shark -

Implication(s) -
  1. Given this is a new food, requiring an existing staple of the food economy as an ingredient minimizes unintended consequences of devaluation and in this particular case would likely raise the value of Raw Sharks.
    i) Better money for fishing again.

Big Bone Dust -

Implication(s) -

  1. With no F2P, there is very little demand for big bones in the OSRS economy. Using them as a main ingredient in a high level food would have a cascading effect of creating more feasible money making opportunities for low levels. So this update would not only benefit high level players but low ones as well.

Item Effects -

When eaten, a Dragon-Shark Pie would do the following in 1 Bite (2 Bites per pie)

  • Heal randomly between 14 and 22 hitpoints, 18 on average
  • Restore 20% of your Agility level in run energy
  • Restore 5% + 2 of your Prayer level in prayer points

Implication(s) -
  1. Would offer the best food (non-potion) hitpoints healed per inv slot, yet not offer a higher max heal per bite (tuna potatoes/manta rays would still be best).
  2. Efficient food choice for deep wilderness/anywhere far from bank pking where hitpoints, run energy, and prayer points are all highly valued.
    1. Run restoration depends on Agility level, which is good.
    2. Still outclassed by Brews/Super Restores for max bang per invo slot (more below)
    1. Random healing which I think is an interesting feature (fun food to eat)

Price Prediction -

Lower Bounded by price of Raw Shark, Big Bones, Strawberry, and Pie Shell which would likely (after the update) be around 2,300 to 2,700 coins.

The price of dragon meat would likely be well over 2k, I'd say in the 3-5k range, bringing the total cost anywhere from 5,300 – 7,700 coins per pie (not accounting for burns or cooking xp price offset).

Analysis vs Current items -

Dragon-Shark Pie vs Tuna Potatoes/Manta Rays

Dragon Shark Pie advantages -

  • More hitpoints healed per inv slot
  • Run energy restored while healing hp
  • Prayer restored while healing hp
  • More fun to eat (random heals)

Tuna Potato/Manta Ray advantages -

  • More hitpoints healed per bite

Dragon-Shark Pie vs Saradomin Brews/Super Restores

Dragon Shark Pie advantages -

  • Maintains combat stats while healing
  • Run energy restored while healing hp
  • Prayer restored while healing hp
  • Possibly cheaper
  • Perhaps best option for low hp accounts (plus pray restore helps from getting smited)
  • More fun to eat

Saradomin Brew/Super Restore advantages -

  • Significantly more hitpoint and prayer restoration per inv slot at decent levels

    Ex. Player with 85 HP, 50 Agility and 70 Prayer given 4 inventory slots.

    4 Dragon-Shark Pies will heal (avg.) 144 Hitpoints, 80 run energy, and 44 Prayer points
    3 Brews + 1 Restore will heal 168 Hitpoints and 102 Prayer points

    * This is only more in favor of Brews/Restores as the respective levels get higher. *
  • Offers best defence level boost in game (20% of your level + 2 rounded down) 


  • This pie would be eaten as fast as any other 2 normal food items i.e. 2 Sharks (not like other pies that can be eaten in 1 game tick).    
  • Requires minimal coding from OSRS team to implement.
  • The Potential Update would benefit Pkers, PvMers, AND Skillers.
  • Main Ingredient only obtainable in Wilderness/PvP Worlds
  • Would revitalize Wilderness and offer incentives for non-pkers to go on PvP worlds without an xp boost.
  • Requires Raw Shark so fishing is not devalued but rather becomes more attractive.
  • Requires Big Bones so more money making methods for low levels.
  • Dragon-Shark Pie Heals on average 18 hitpoints, 20% Agility level in run energy, and 5% + 2 Prayer points per bite (2 bites total).
  • Inferior to Tuna Potatoes/Manta Rays for best hp healed per bite.
  • Inferior to Sara Brews/Restores for best hp and pray healed per invo slot (by far at high levels).
  • Great food for Deep Wilderness and PvP Worlds to keep run energy filled and help from getting smited. 

Closing Words -

I know this is a rather complex update and that can be off-putting at first because it opens up more opportunities for things to go wrong. However, I think pondering over the benefits and balance of the update will make you very excited about all the positive effects it will have on OSRS. The only major concern I see is this being too rich of an update for bots for Green Dragons and anything dropping big bones. Removing the dragon meat drop from Green Dragons on all worlds but PvP worlds is a workable solution. In addition, big bones are not an essential feature of this update. The scaling of the meat drops between the different levels of Dragon could also be revisited if need be.

If you have any feedback please share but only after noting the specific part of the update you do not like as opposed to trashing the concept altogether.