Sunday, 11 August 2013

PvP Worlds

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PvP World: A world where players can roam throughout the whole of RuneScape, and engage in player vs player combat virtually anywhere, not just in the Wilderness.

Over the past months in my PvP World thread on the Old School Forums, our community have been discussing and debating the possibilities and the feasibility of PvP Worlds. Remember, the fate of RS07 is completely in the hands of us, the players, and it's clear that we want things done differently this time round on PvP Worlds. From the mass feedback we've received, as well as feedback and support from the Jmods, here is what our ideal PvP World setup would look like:

  • No generated drops, you will get 100% of what you're opponent drops, just like in normal wilderness PvP combat.
  • Hot zones in major junctions of the world could potentially award players with extra loot (whether it be botted items such as flax, or the return of Brawler gloves. Remember, it's all up to you!).
  • Wilderness levels would only apply to the actual wilderness area. Throughout the rest of the world you will be able to attack players x levels higher, or lower than you.
  • An increased and reworked PJ timer.
*Please note, the above ideas are not set in stone, your input is incredibly important, so if you have anything to say about this, or would like to add anything, discuss or make suggestions, please do so by posting on this forum thread!

I will post again on this topic in due time, if you're interested in PvP Worlds, please do watch the Old School Blog and especially the PvP World thread.