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The Lost Caverns of the Underground Pass - New OSRS Dungeons.

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Many people have despised the Underground Pass due to failing the agility obstacles in it so often and the shear length of its quest, but I have looked past that and admired its architecture. It is by far the most well-done dungeon in Runescape and I am sadden to see JaGeX still haven't taken advantage of it aside from giving it a few quests.

Well this would be the perfect PvM update that could possibly be done quick enough to be an appetizer for the the PvM community who're waiting anxiously for either the God Wars Dungeon or the Kraken, or possibly both.

Must have completed the quest, Underground Pass.


The Lost Caverns, located in the Underground Pass, are old storage facilities that the Elves used to store goods that they would ship to and from the Western Lands of Tirannwn. These caverns were hidden away and given guards to protect the treasures that lie within when Iban took control of the Pass.

The Underground Pass is a vast cave system with these caverns spread throughout the entire pass. The further into the Pass a cavern is, the more 'loot' that cavern holds - and a stronger guard protecting it.
This will allow almost any player whose completed the Underground Pass to participate in this new PvM experience, however the Grand cavern will be high-leveled oriented.

Upon discovery of a cavern:

  • The Adventurer must defeat the cavern's guard.
  • Upon defeating the cavern's guard, the player can loot a guard just like a normal monster kill. It will drop a key to open the storage room's door.
  • Players should be careful as the door may have 'booby traps' rigged to go off when the door opens; the key doesn't guarantee a safe passage to the storage room.
  • The higher your thieving level is, the better chances you'll have of disarming the trap.

The Grand Cavern:
Credit to the Runescape fanfiction Wikia
The Grand Cavern is where the hardcore PvMers will have some fun. This cavern is guarded by the fabled Adamant and Rune Dragons.

  • There will be two Adamant dragons that players must defeat. Upon defeating the two Adamant Dragons a trapdoor will be triggered releasing a Rune Dragon. 
  • The Adamant Dragons will have a damage reduction on anybody wearing at least one piece of Adamant equipment. The damage reduction will stack up to a maximum of three adamant items. Recipe for Disaster gloves do NOT count.

Credit to the Runescape fanfiction Wikia

  • The Rune Dragon will have the ability to use protection prayers on players. With that it'll have a 'special attack' that it can charge up which will be a very powerful AOE (Area of Effect) fire blast that spits lava at everybody in the room. Those with the Dragonfire shield and anti-fire potion will too take damage. A Dragonfire shield isn't necessary for the fight, however.  
  • Its weaknesses are water and Ice spells, which will slow down its AOE special attack. Dragon Scimitar special will drop its overhead protection prayers for 30 seconds.

The key to access the Grand Cavern storage room will not be a 100% drop like the other caverns. As a matter of fact, it'll be VERY rare. It'll have the rarity of 1/100 kills from the Rune Dragon and 1/200 of the Adamant Dragon. 
The key will be tradeable as the Grand Cavern door will require a very high thieving level to disarm. Attempting to disarm the trapped door with a thieving level lower than the required thieving level will result in instant-death. 

Players who have bought the key must also defeat the two Adamant Dragons and the Rune Dragon in order to gain access to the Grand Cavern Storage reward room. 

The new Dragons will have their drop-table scaled up drastically from the other metal dragons and other items as possible rewards that players can come up with. Visage will still have the same rarity.

Grand Cavern Storage room rewards:
The rewards I've thought of are quite simple. I encourage other ideas to be suggested as well.

  • (1) Dragon ore
  • Backpack that takes up the cape slot. Can store up to 8 slots of items. Quantity of items it can hold is encouraged to be debated.
  • More ideas are encouraged.
Other Cavern Storage room rewards:
  • Crystal Keys
  • Scroll that once read will make the player invisible to random events for 24 hours. The time can be debated and it will be untradeable. 
  • Halberds
  • Resources that are heavily botted such as flax. Will be in big bulk, too.
  • Dragon, Big, and other bones bulk. Bulk scaled by the xp the bones award players.
  • Other viable rewards.

The Dragon Ore:
Yes, apparently the elves did have access to Dragon Ore. Nobody knows how and why, though. But this is the item that everybody is after. Just simple Dragon ore. 

  • In order to turn this ore into a Dragon Bar, players must have 99 smithing, or 97 and 98 boosted to 99. It'll require 13 coal as well. Must be smithed in a furnace located in the wilderness.

  • Once you have a Dragon Bar, you must take it to an NPC located in the Lava Maze to prepare it to be smithed. This costs 2 million coins. 

  • Now that your Dragon Bar is ready to be smithed, you must have a Rune Warhammer (When the Dragon Warhammer is released, it'll change to requiring a Dragon Warhammer) as your hammer. The Dragon bar only works on an anvil at the center of the lava maze while the player is skulled. 

The list of items you can smith start at level 99 smithing. 
 Dragon Dagger - Level 99 smithing. 
 Dragon Sword - Level 101 Smithing (requires 99 smithing with a mature dwarven stout)

Yes, this new update will release the Dragon Sword. 

The Dragon Sword special features:
The Dragon Sword will be the first item in Runescape to have this special feature. 

As more of the Swords come into the game, its Special Attack usage will increase. It'll start off with 10% usage of a powerful stabbing special attack, it cannot be protected from the Protect Item prayer and prevents players from teleporting with it from the wilderness (with the exception of the teleport levers in deep wilderness) until there are 100 swords in the game. For every 20 swords added into the game, it'll require 10% more special attack energy until it reaches 100+ swords in the game where it'll settle at requiring 50% special attack usage.

Thought of a cool new mechanic that'll make pking with the new sword interesting until they start to become common. Great way to give a lot of power to players while making them a huge target to other players who will have a good chance of pking off from somebody. A fun transfer of power for a while, hehe.

And like always feel free to debate about anything and everything related to this topic. I wanted to create a fun new PvM experience with monsters that are currently in the game already, that only require recoloring and some new coding to give those PvMers an appetizer to hold them over until God Wars and the Kraken.

QuickFind code to another awesome Underground Pass PvM idea:  322-323-837-65058771

-Capt. McGee

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