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Old School invasion (Minigame)

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I'll say it right in the beginning this is not an original idea, other video games have had it since 1998.

now it's time for Old School to get one. the thought in mind is to create a skiller friendly minigame.

it's a simple idea that could be done right now with the same rules and thought in mind that nightmare zone has, And that would be to reuse things that already exist in game, nothing new made from scratch, coding does not count.

This minigame would be unlocked after complting a quest in which weaker TzHaar are taking over Tut island.

Description of invasion

A group of 3-4 players see how long they can survive against waves and waves of enemies that get stronger every wave. A wave consists of random enemies ,with 20-50 per wave, every attackable enemy in runescape could be found in the correct wave, Bosses would be saved for the boss round at the end of the set. Normal mode waves: wave ends when all enemies are defeated, you have 10 seconds before the next wave begins. Hard Mode wave: Waves last 5-8 mins, once the timer is up next wave begins and is added to the current wave.

5 waves in a round, 3 rounds in a set, The boss round would be the last wave of the set being a random boss currently found in old school runescape. There is a bonus round at the end of the set that lasts 1 minute and is an endless wave of goblin raiders that come in all directions. if a player dies here it does not count as a lost life. at the end of the bonus wave the raiders would teleport away.

the enemies will not drop anything other then supplies needed to continue and only reward 5xp per kill regardless of the level of the enemy on HM.

Points are awarded per kill (half the monsters lvl). this is a safe minigame so if you die you lose nothing.

there are lives that the party of players each share so as someone dies a life is used up for the respawn. Lives can be awarded back to the players if no one dies during a round or a boss fight.

the game is over if all players resign (quit game, either a new ::resign command could be created or an npc would be there to leave game, game also ends if 2/4 players leave game), beat the game (this game could be set up to go on forever since the enemy generator would be random), or if all lives are used up.

the locations of the mini game would be copied selections of already existing content including tutorial island, but "a magical force prevents you from leaving". these would be empty copies of the map so no npc's would be there to help you (no bankers either) the enemies would be marching through the entrance ways of the small piece of map. the party would vote for which area they would want to fight on simple Majority vote would win. Imagine being able to be on tut island again ZOMG!!

an Example of map restrictions, lets say everyone voted to fight in falador. the players could not leave the city walls or go into the cave below, but the enemies would be spawning in the distance charging through all the entrance ways. the a.i. is smart enough to climb ladders and search for the players.

Players can not bring in weapons armor or food into the minigame, Warrior armor Plate + chain sword, axe & shield, Leather + Bow & endless supply of arrows, and a Staff, endless supply of runes, and robes will be provided, these will only work in this mini game and can not be taken out. while in this mini game everybody's combat related skill is set to 60 only while in the mini game. there is a small point deduction if your stats are boosted, there is no point penalty if most of your stats are not boosted/deboosted.

the mini game could be paused to the closer wave/round, rounded down not up. you could create a new party but it would require that everyone be at the same wave/round or higher as the party leader.

the player(s) have a spawn room with a set amount of supplies around the room, supplies will only be replenished, after the bonus wave at the end of the set. enemies can not enter that room, and players have 2 mins to leave...Exactly like Castle wars.
description of the npc that starts the mini game & Quest.

NPC Name: Tonto
Skin color: Pale white
Head features: brown double braided beard, brown long hair, eye patch, Red Party hat
Body Features: Dragon Chain, Dragon platelegs, ''Obby'' Shield, Abyssal Whip Obsidian cape, ying-yang amulet, rune boots.
Location: wandering around the pub in falador
role: Quest starter (unlocks minigame/Ar& Xp lamp rewards)

elemental armor ranges from bronze - rune, or leather - black D'hide and will require that the player completes the 7th set or 112 waves (this includes boss waves and bonus waves) (rune requires dragon slayer) he will then tell the player to bring X amount of (type of rune) runes, or talisman, & the inscribed armor to it's appropriate alter and combined them (the same way one would inscribe a tiara), this new elemental armor would still be untradeable and would have a set effect that will only work when you are wearing all the pieces. if you die and loose the pieces Tonto will sell at half price...he knows if you lost it.

the armor would have the same stats as regular armor, but an image of the rune of choice on the chest plate. the set effect would be the same as an endless supply of the runes used on the armor.

tonto would also have the Chaos Scepter (a black version of the skull scepter) it would have a special effect (freezes everyone/thing) around you), can not be used in pvp, and can be talked to.

and so Rangers are not left out of the mix, they would get a Goblin horn Bow, something that tonto collected during the goblin invasion.
Warriors Receive My Dragon Armor

Schematic Rewards From lunar

NPC Name: Lunar
Skin color: 2nd from the top skin color option from make over mage
Head features: highway mask (brown), dark cavalier, medium hair,
no beard
Body Features: Bomber jacket, Lunar amulet, brown pants
Location: falador bar
Role: reward and fighting helper

Points are awarded through out the game, per enemy killed x(times) how long you survive per life x(times) difficulty -(minus) boosted stats.

Points can be exchanged for schematics, Xp lamps 100 points = 1 xp. only skills available would be the same skills available in pest control. so yes Skillers can have fun but they won't be rewarded for playing a combat minigame. the schematics would be for new items put into the game, that require current items to build, and would require Thurgo to smith together.

another reward idea would be plans to build a party room in your player owned house.

along with Tonto and Lunar helping the players out fighting wave after wave, the 4 OSRS Jmods can also help out the players. each playing a roll of the combat triangle.

Common misconceptions & other info

1: unlock hardmode after completion of the 7th set (105 waves + 7 bonus waves)
2: Allow people to do this solo or with friends.
3: make requirements to unlock towns, cities, and outposts + quest bosses as a rare chance during the boss wave.
4: this can't be an addon to NMZ because the idea of adding non quest related bosses was shot down, so every attackable thing currently in OSRS to attack a small group of players in waves would be a no go as well.