Thursday, 4 July 2013

Party Hat Mania!

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Party Hats are back in Old School RuneScape and are currently being dropped right now! From the 4th to the 14th of July, you'll be able to get a Party Hat of your own, either by finding one on the floor at one of the 100 pre-defined locations, or by taking part in the regular events held by Mod Mat K on his Twitch stream. Just over 24 hours of their return, Party Hats have proven to be the most popular holiday item by far.
The first Grab-a-hat event held last night was absolute, pure chaos. Compared to other holiday item events held, which gathered crowds of around 2 thousand, this event blew those numbers away and managed to have a crowd of 7 thousand players! Not only watching the stream, but actively trying to all be in ONE world! Considering that each world can only hold 2 thousand players, a single world having to handle the requests of 7 thousands players trying to log in at once, obviously, isn't going to turn out too well.

Mod Mat K getting disconnected due to server overload
Players running to Mod Mat K to grab a hat
Players running to Mod Mat K to grab a hat
The turnout of last night's event certainly was not expected to be this big. Mod Mat K constantly tried to get back into the game but did not prevail. Mat then had no option but to end the stream, and begun announcing the locations of the pre-defined spawns on his Twitter as an alternative (He does this regularly, so be sure to follow him).

It's great to see the community together like this, it really is an awesome occurrence. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 9pm BST to catch the next live stream event. You can see the live stream schedule here.