Thursday, 11 July 2013

OSRS Community collage

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Hello Everyone Mr Crow has invaded the blogger, yes the Mr Crow from the Old School forums.
       Since OSRS has become so popular I thought I would make a community's like a group picture except we all don't have to meet up at a location. i'll be making one or several of these of the osrs community. 

Above is an example of a community collage a friend of mine made for the Halo Community, I will be trying to do something similar for the Old School Runescape Community. my latest work can be found below

     so here's how this works between now (July 10th 2013) and September 2nd need to obtain your favorite armor if you have it and put it on, if you don't have a favorite you could always show off the pure awesomeness that is underneath that bulky armor/robes/leather...the last two sounded awkward :/

1: put on your favorite armor/costume, you can skip this step if you don't have a favorite.

2:scroll over to the equipment tab and press the ''prntscrn'' button or something similar as long as it abbreviates ''print screen'' (step 4 shows the screen i'm referring to, this one shows where to find the button)
3:open up your preferred image editor (ex: paint)
4: Edit and paste (ctrl+v is a short cut) that into the image editor and cut everything until it is just your character and the brownish grey backround. (i'll edit this out later)

5: save that image (name does not matter)

                                                        6: upload it to the twitter

7: in the status, use the #OSRSCollage tag so I can find it.

I only have a couple of guidelines for this,

 1: since you'll have 10 weeks to get the picture perfect gear you only need to submit ONE(1) picture, if you submit more then ONE(1) picture, i'll use the one that is closer to September 2nd.
2: try to be original with your submission so when the image is released (MMK will post it after I send it to him) you'll be able to tell who you are amongst the cr0wd. Maybe even get it added in as a background to the OSRS client, that would be a cool thing instead of empty boring nothing.
3: pictures come out better when you don't wield anything, but they will mostly be covered up.
4: try your best to get either a slight left side, center picture, or slight right side of your character.

Here are some examples of the profiles i'm looking for.


Mistercleav/Supahcleav, submitted all angles for his entery so his character could fit anywhere.