Sunday, 30 June 2013

Random Events; A general nuisance or not?

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Random events: Something everyone has an opinion on, and I guarantee you that almost everyone’s opinion is negative. That is because people see them as an annoyance because it “interrupts” whatever activity they are doing. Well yeah, that’s actually the point of them. Well, not to be annoying, but to interrupt your task. You see, Random Events were added to the game as an attempt to deter bots. However, we all know (and see) that the bots that cheaters design are designed to solve randoms so they can continue to bot. So, in retrospect, the Random Event implementation didn't really work all too well. On the contrary, they must have worked somewhat because Jagex decided to leave them in the game even though they clearly weren't working well.

Although that’s how most people feel about Random Events, I am the polar opposite in opinion.  Random Events for me is a positive thing. It pops up, sometimes teleports you to a mysterious place to perform some tedious task, or sometimes you just have to talk to them. Other times they attack you and you can either kill them or run away from them. For me, it’s a necessary part of the game to be able to continue on with the tedious task I was doing before the Random Event appeared. I always tend to get Random Events at the perfect time: Right when what I am doing is getting boring.  They provide me with a little ‘escape’, if you will, from the task, and refocus me on it when I come back.

Okay, fine, I will agree that the rewards could be a little more, well, rewarding.  I think if the rewards were better, less people would despise them so much. Maybe they should all work like the Maze Random Event; the faster you finish it, the better your reward is.  Or maybe, the more you finish successfully (and in good time) the higher your rewards are. But I think we can all agree that the rewards aren't really the best.

I just feel that Random Events Could be utilized more to create a more user-friendly interruption to the player’s gaming time, which some people do take very seriously.

Happy '07 Scaping!
-Robert H