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Zybez Community Voices: Old School RuneScape Q1

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"What were your first impressions when news broke of So Wreck3d's YouTube video and petition to bring back pre-Evolution of Combat servers?"

Editors' Pick: spoonheb Aflstar
I did not think much of it at first, just another player saying how awesome the game would be if he had it his way.

The suggestion itself was not new, since the news of EoC people had been speculating whether these servers would be added, and suggesting different variations of servers that could be added.

I personally disliked the video, I'm more then okay with people sharing their suggestions and opinions, however the video had misinformation and inflated statistics such as "every single person I've asked said this was a great idea" and let's not forget "there are absolutely no negative consequences whatsoever". I'm paraphrasing of course because I don't want to watch the whole video again, but phrases like these are in there.

I was pretty stoaked about the whole thing, looking forward to the old times. BUT I then realised that I was going to have to start all over again, it didnt really hit me until I actually played the servers and realised how much work needed to be completed.
Pkpete Renkotsu
I've been around for a while, but I haven't heard about this guy until recently. Myself, and many others who came back recently had quit a good time back before that video was made, so it looks like the community that was still around might have caught the attention of Jagex. I wouldn't go around letting any individual claim credit though, as I believe it must have been pretty clear to Jagex that something had to be done given all the players quitting. In other words, when this video was made I was probably out enjoying some Jack Daniels, completely unaware that in a few months I'd be suckered back into making a clan with some old friends. I honestly thought it was more of that "don't let RS die" or "give us our non-EoC servers!" bullcrap. At the time, Jagex said that they didn't have any interest in making pre-EoC servers, and I honestly thought Jagex was going to remain true to their word (oh how wrong I was)
Jaddy Murdoc
This wasn't the first time something like this was suggested and given the fact that, in the past, JaGEx done their best to ignore the demands from players on this subject, I didn’t think it would be a success. Rather I thought of it as just another desperate plea to something that was totally out of the question. Indifference, to be honest. I vaguely knew of him as another one of those 'YouTube heroes' so was mindful of the influence he probably wielded within the community, but I won't lie there wasn't anything about either of them that really stood out. I wasn't getting the impression that Morpheus was about to descend from the heavens to mark So Wreck3d out as being 'the One' and wake us all up from this terrifying machine-imposed nightmare to reveal it was still good old 2007, back when people were actually excited about Obama. Let's be honest, it had been roughly 3 months since the Evolution of Combat finally made its way into RuneScape - right? We'd already seen enough of these kinds of campaigns to last several lifetimes - not to mention the drama of the obligatory few "we pay we say" ingame riots, of course. But if Jagex didn't pay them any serious attention other than reiterating the fact people needed to basically "get over it" and look to the future, what reason did we have to believe they would magically change their tune now? It just didn't make any sense to whatsoever.
Brad S BrotherVoid1
I never heard about this video, as I'm not too active on the YouTube website when it comes to RuneScape and never saw it being talked about on RSC. I've heard the idea of pre-EOC servers before this though, so he definitely wasn't the first person to come up with that idea. To be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure who So Wreck3d is, a famous YouTuber I would assume if it can go viral. My personal opinion is that it is just another rant, and it didn't accomplish much either. Yes, technically, 07 is "pre-EOC" but I don't think that is what was intended from the petition. Maybe though, 07 is better than what the people who voted were expecting. This is an interesting question... With over 530 days (12,800 hours) of in game time on my account, to say RuneScape was a part of my life would be an understatement. I was active from February 2005 until December of 2012, averaging 4.5 hours a day (every day) when I finally realized the game isn't what it once was to me. I was against EoC from the first Beta release up until it was made a part of the main game. After living with EoC (mostly to finish my most audacious goal, 200m DG) I finally called it quits with just over 1.1 billion XP. After accomplishing so much, 07scape just isn't enough. I don't want to go back and finish the game again. I don't want to spend 1/4th of my day again for the next 8 years, mastering and completing a game I already finished.

SoWrecked's video was great in theory, but poor in implementation. If Jagex truly made a choice to play the EoC version of the game or the pre-EoC version of the game, I would probably still be an active player. That requires the account to be playable in its full state on both versions of the game. But the way Jagex did it requires an entirely new account to be created on 07. I don't have the time nor the will to redo what I have already done, and as such, Jagex has lost me as a customer.

Liles Lach
I supported it but I didn't think we'd go back to 2007. I honestly thought we might get a shot at 2011, a repeat, As Nex was just released before the rework of barrows armors. You'd think Jagex would always keep back ups of every year.. I don't know if anyone remembers, but they were thinking about selling off private RSC servers, and let you have the decision on exp rates, etc, to try and revive RSC and give what people want. (In my opinion,) they tested the want for it by re-releasing RSC for those few weeks and then eltting those who logged in during then play forever. When the population died off almost immediately after those weeks, they saw it wasn't needed, but after the EoC riots and crap, they probably brought it up in the need for pre-eoc servers.
ToeJam Manga
I was aware of the video and initially I believed it was both futile and a demonstration of ignorance by Wreck3d and other like-minded players who were making videos and posts pleading with Jagex to open up pre-eoc Servers.

On the 30th Sept 2012 Mod MMG and Mod Mark categorically stated that old servers would not be re-released (see spoiler @14mins)

That's not to say that I didn't want the old servers back though, my interest in the game was waning fast and what used to be solid sessions of 4+ hours a day had boiled down to minutes for spins and kingdom approval.

Since the servers have been made live I've continued with my 'spins' etc on EOC but I have again been spending hours training up on OSRS. I am really glad that players such as Wreck3d took the time and effort to represent a large portion of the community despite the initial stone wall and it just goes to show that if the customer base shouts loud enough/demonstrate their dissatisfaction, Jagex are prepared to reverse high level decisions which gives me confidence that they are not blinkered nor stubborn.

It's a petition, anyone who has been on the internet a reasonable amount of time would know that petitions are, for the most part futile ventures. Petitions rarely work but It may have been possible that it may have been a talking point at one of Jagex's conferences at one point. The idea for servers past is not a new idea, and has been around since 2008. It's an incredibly popular idea as seen in how this actually progressed.