Thursday, 13 June 2013

System Update: Does OSRS need them?

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OldSchool Runescape is getting more and more updates, and some people started arguing that it is no longer '07scape'. The question of course is: Is this true? Is Old School Runescape really becoming 'easyscape' as some people call it?

In the past few months, OldSchool Runescape has had some updates, like the toggleroof command, the right-click option on the slayer gem and text wrapping. These were all updates we voted for, since we felt they were needed. There is also new content coming to OldSchool Runescape, like the Nightmare Zone, where you can kill (quest) bosses for rewards.

This new content started some discussion on the forums. People were starting to argue that when OSRS gets new content, it will just become a 'private server' without any special commands. The Oldschool feeling will disappear, and it will just end up becoming easier and easier. Others state that the new content is needed to keep OSRS alive, since at the moment we don't really have high-level PvM content. They also say that when Jagex doesn't add new content to Oldschool RS, the players will become bored, which will most likely be the case.

My opinion on the matter is that new updates are needed for Oldschool Runescape; you may now say that OSRS is fine as it is, but in a while you will get bored. You wouldn't like playing a game with no new content at all, would you? I know that some of you people do really hate the updates, but I can ensure you they will be needed. With new content they can make sure that OSRS will stay alive, and that it won't end up as a dead game. 

One of the only problems I could see with new content being released is that some money making methods could possible be killed. We know for example that flax will be added as a reward to the ''Nightmare Zone''. Now, some may say this isn't an efficient moneymaking method at all, but for new players it might be one of the best places to get some money to start with. It is of course also easy to get flax; it doesn't require any skills to pick it up. This is why I'm a bit worried about the prices of these items, but I am sure Jagex will think of something for these items.

Another thing where I would personally be against at is updating the graphics for OSRS. While I think new content won't hurt the gameplay too much, I would say that new graphics can hurt the gameplay. Oldschool RS is here so you can play with the old graphics, and I know they have said that they aren't going to update the graphics, but you never know if plans will change.

So in short, I really don't mind the updates at all, and I don't think it will really hurt the game-play of OldSchool Runescape. The only thing I would really be worried about are the prices of the items which (might) get added to new content, but I think that Jagex will be able to sort that out before they release the new content. Lets just hope that OSRS will see lot's of nice updates, and that it will stay alive for a long time!