Friday, 14 June 2013

The Golden Age

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When I first joined Runescape,  back in 2005,  little did I know what was to await me.  Granted I was only 9 years old,  but little-me found that fighting goblins in Lumbridge, or slaying Delrith at Varrock provided me more fun than a whole lifetime of being forced to play Football with others my age.      Oh, that summer in 2005, I spent days, weeks even powering through levels, completing quests, drinking ale and ultimately having a pretty awesome time.     My friends would say
"So Joe, are you coming out today?"
"I can't"  I replied.     "I'm going to Crandor to fight Elvarg"
"Joe my man!,  are you coming to play in the park?"
"Yes" I would say.  "As soon as I have finished Nature Spirit"
Those days were magical,   although there were a few incidents.  Namely, I live in a town surrounded by farmland, so whenever I saw a cow or a chicken, I felt a sudden blood-lust.      Hmm,  maybe that's why I'm not allowed near zoo's anymore.            I felt like the time would last forever, and with the talented Runescape movie makers such as Tehnoobshow, Skychi and Maxboison, why wouldn't the fun last forever?
Sadly, as the years progressed, players began to quit,  video-makers ceased to create, the graphics began to change, and the overall Runescape experience that had intrigued me for so long began to fade.    Unfortunately, something even worse happened,    something which haunts me to this very day.    I started socialising.     The less time I spent on Runescape, the more time I spent "chill-axing" with friends,  watching movies,  reading books and crying to my therapist.   Of course, I'm joking, I did all of those things whilst playing Runescape,  but I seriously did take a break from it,  as the longer I spent withholding playing,  the longer I could keep the memory of my days as an avid adventurer alive.
I never fully quit Runescape, and I always logged in every week or two just to check in,  maybe level up or do a quest, but the excitement somehow had changed.   That is until, when things started to change for the better.
First, the wilderness and free trade came back, something which made me so happy I could have French-kissed my archest of enemies.   Although, the one problem being that I spent almost a year saving up for a Santa hat, only for it to rise another 100 million GP by the time I had raised enough gold, however, the pro's outweigh the cons vastly!
Things got increasingly better, with me spending more and more of my hours in the world of Gielinor.  Then, almost out of the blue, came possibly the greatest moment of my life, even greater than being born!
"Old School Runescape"
I felt like crying with happiness, finally, a chance to relive my younger days, a chance for glory, for power, FOR TUTORIAL ISLAND!!!!
Now here I stand, currently training in Lumbridge, finally at a place where I feel I had lost for 6 years,   a place of wonder and awesomeness,  the new "Old Runescape".
So I say unto all of you, players and Jagex staff alike,   well done,   as without all of the determination, interest and general handsomeness (which to be fair, is all of us), we now have our home back.    So, to all of you,     thank you, and lets keep this going until humans are erased by machines.