Friday, 14 June 2013

God Wars Dungeon: Yes or No?

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This question has been debated endlessly by players of Old School RuneScape. The God Wars Dungeon originally was released on August 28th, 2007. This is only a few weeks after the "backup date" of OSRS. Jagex has stated that it would be possible to bring in the update as it is already partially programmed into the game. However, they later noted that this would be a very difficult to develop, but not impossible.

The release of the God Wars Dungeon marked a significant change in RuneScape. New equipment was released that became the new "end-game armour". While Bandos armour gives lower Defence then Barrows does, it's minor Strength bonus makes it a favorite for Slayers and for combat training. Armadyl Armour was never as prominent; it's negative Attack bonuses prevented it from gaining much popularity. Still, it gives an incredible Ranged attack bonus.

The Dungeon itself provided a lot of new content into the game. Slayers loved the addition of new monsters, especially Spiritual Mages, which required 83 Slayer to kill and drop the famed Dragon Boots. This is an excellent money maker, as Dragon Boots were once as high as 500k gold and roughly a 1/100 drop. Aviansies provided good Ranged XP as well as a good money maker due to frequent addy bars and alchable drops.

The deal breaker for some are the Godswords. Godswords held the title for the highest Strength bonus in the game for ages, with a +132 boost. The strongest weapon currently in OSRS is the Dharok's Axe with a bonus of +101 (although, the Barrelchest Anchor has a bonus of +100 and is faster, making it  far more practical). Godswords had a reputation of being overpowered. Sure, they are the most hard hitting weapon, but how effective are they really? With a Dragon Scimitar and a Rune Defender, you can deal more damage per minute than with any of the Godswords (with an Abyssal Whip, the gap is widened even further). Their power lies in KO potential in the Wilderness.

Three of the four Godsword special attacks are mediocre for PKing. The Zamorak Godsword is similar to an ice barrage, making it mostly useless other than for minigames like Castle Wars. The Saradomin Godsword heals half of you hit and restores prayer by 1/4th of what you hit, and it's thought to be more accurate of a blow. This is incredible for Slayer but a waste while PKing. The Bandos Godsword hits 10% more damage and lower Defence by what you hit. Because it wastes the entire special bar and Defence can quickly be restored with Super Restores, it's mostly useless for PKing.

By far the most notable item from the God Wars Dungeon is the Armadyl Godsword. As you know, it's special attack 25% more damage (meaning it can still hit a zero) and can be used twice consecutively. This is what many PKers have mixed thoughts about. Yes, it is a very good PKing tool. However, unless it is paired with a Whip/Rune Defender combo, it has serious flaws. You lose out on some Defence with it, and it's slower than the Whip (Godswords have battleaxe speed). It also hits very high on other players vengeance leading to frequent self destructs. For main account PKing (accounts with high Defence), it is a more reliable finisher than the DDS, but is somewhat ineffective if used stand-alone due to it's speed and vengeance hits.

The Verdict: In my personal opinion, I support the God Wars Dungeon being implemented into Old School RuneScape, should it be possible to develop it. Originally I laughed at the idea back in February, but 2007 has slowly died down due to lack of interest and motivation. God Wars gives people an exciting thing to do. And since it's using 2007 gameplay, there's no Overloads, Turmoil, Divines ect. to allow players to camp there 24/7, rather players can go there hoping for a few kills at best. I got a Bandos Hilt drop in 2008  when it was worth 25m and it was the most fun I've ever had in RuneScape. I'd like to re-live that excitement once again.

- Andrewajt62