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Stealing Creation

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Stealing Creation was a fun minigame added to the main game of RuneScape on November 11, of 2008. It was a minigame which incorporated every RS skill, with the main rewards being degradable tools and armour which gave us around a 25K exp bonus for the short time they lasted.

A group of players playing Stealing Creation.

What I'm proposing:

For Stealing Creation to be added to Old School RuneScape via poll with these three things in mind:

• It will only include all 23 current Old School skills and
• Should the rewards stay the same? (rewards listed below)
• Also, should the amount of points required for each reward be increased?

Stealing Creation Rewards

There are 3 types of rewards; Volatile tools, Proto-tools, and Sacred Clay armour and weapons.

Volatile tools:

Requires level 40 in the appropriate skill to use. When the tool is operated it will randomly turn into one of the following tools: pickaxe, hatchet, harpoon, butterfly net, hammer, needle, or a fletching knife.

The tool will provide 29,340 bonus experience in the tool's skill. However reverting the tool will cause it to loose 10% of it's total bonus.


Requires level 40 in the appropriate skill to use. When the tool is operated you will have an option to transform it into any of the 7 skill tools.

The tool will provide you will 24,450 bonus experience in the tool's skill. Reverting it back will not cause any loss of the total bonus.

Armour and Weapons:

The choice of Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons are:

• Helmet, Coif and Hat
• Plate body, Body and Robe Top
• Leggings, Chaps and Robe Skirt
• Scimitar, Longbow, Staff

All pieces of armour/weapons require level 40 in their respective skill to be worn, and give 24,450 bonus exp each when equipped.

Stealing Creations Reward Shop

To find out more about Stealing Creations, please click here. (note the wiki was written for the main game, thus not all features would apply for Old School, such as Summoning and recent updates.)

Note: It is good to note that all the rewards require level 40 in their respective skills to use. This means they are not high level items; which means they are not the most efficient tools to be using. Also, it takes time to get enough points for these rewards. Meaning it is not an overpowered method of training in RuneScape.

If you would like to add anything, feel something is missing or would just like to discuss the ideas here, Join the Stealing Creations discussion

Thank you for reading!