Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

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the Old School Team will soon be getting a GFX guy or Gal, and no it isn't me...this time. We'll see what the new year brings

A few months ago I was bored and released a few models that when put together form a set on the community blog, I Called this set ''Elite Dragon Armor (Concept)'' a few months went by and I uploaded the set on twitter, Mod Ash saw it and said ''I want that in game'' a weekend goes by, Mod Reach sees it and made his own White Dragon armor and a white dragon (merodach) to go with it.

for those of you who would like to see it you can either A look for it on the community blog (now in OS Feedback and poll suggestions) or on my twitter page @themrcr0w

now since the jmods and a lot of people (more then just those following me on twitter) would like that Dragon set in Runescape...and the only 3 things stopping them from making it is, 1:My permission, 2:the GFX artist to make it, and 3: for it to pass the Christmas present to you is this.

I here by give the Old School runescape staff permission to make my dragon armor in game by the new OS GFX artist when they are hired, should it pass the poll. with one Catch...I would like an NPC, that has the ability to recolor or create the set through Dragon Essence dropped by the various Dragons around the game. This NPC would also be able to recolor existing dragon equipment also.

May seem a bit egotistical, but i've gotten hundreds of DMs asking for it on twitter, the OSRS Jmods want it in game, and people want it in that don't even know I made it. So my Christmas gift to everyone is permission to the OSRS Team to make it at some point in the future.