Thursday, 28 November 2013

Oldschool Runescape Wilderness Expansion

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The wilderness is a piece of content that is a few years behind many of the other pieces of content existing in the game currently and it needs an expansion to not only bring back PKers, but to also help bring back the massive community that existed solely due to PKers and their hunger for power or wealth in the wilderness. Many believe that an epic PvM expansion or new mini-games will fulfill their desire for a new adventure and challenge, but that’s all wrong.

The Wilderness and all the danger and adventures it offered is truly end-game content for players. You never saw maxed accounts starting from scratch and creating new accounts to become better at PvM – they specially designed their accounts to dominate a certain area of the wilderness. People always look for a new boss to be much more powerful than the previous one as the previous one is eventually mastered and no longer that dangerous. Danger is what makes the game exciting, keeps it fun, and prevents it from being a boring grind. Danger is not measured by the challenge, but by the unknown – something only the Wilderness can offer players. All content outside of the Wilderness zones can easily be turned into a method, no matter how difficult it is designed to be. Eventually it’ll become mastered and a routine. 

Even before PvP worlds, the Wilderness has been lacking a lot of action. The vast majority of fighting was solely in Edgeville because there was no other reason for PKers to be anywhere else. The content offered in the wilderness has been made irrelevant by the much newer updates in the game, thus killing the Food Chain of the wilderness.

What I’m suggesting to improve the Wilderness is new and better resources. These resources can come in MANY forms and benefit all who risk seeking it. These resources MUST be high leveled but also not too high in level to separate the skillers from the PKers. Having too many of PKers or too many of skillers would make the content a tool for abuse.  

Some big updates to the Wilderness could use:

-A wilderness achievement diary. This could require players to Mine Rune rocks, Run the wilderness agility course, obtain a Dragon 2h Sword from the Chaos Elemental, venture to the KBD lair, charge all three god spells at the Mage Arena, travel into the Abyss, teleport into the wilderness using all of the ancient teleports that lead into the wilderness, loot the chest at the center of the lava maze with a muddy key, etc. The list can go on for a while. 

-Something along the lines of the ZMI Runecrafting Altar, but made to fit the wilderness’s risk=reward catch.  
-The altar west of the Lava Maze can offer a better xp bonus on bones than a Gilded altar in a PoH.

-The wilderness ditch has got to go. The wilderness isn’t a PvP mini-game, it’s a part of the land of Gielinor – it’s just lawless land, but that’s no reason to segregate it.

-Add a Wilderness section in the tutorial island that educates newer players about the wealth the wilderness offers but also the dangers of it. It could even be a cut-scene after players complete the magic portion at the end of the tutorial.

-Upgrade the Chaos Elemental’s drop table. I’ve always been against Statius, Vesta’s, etc., but it could possibly drop some armor specifically made for PvP ONLY.

-An epic raid dungeon.
This dungeon would be the most impressive dungeon ever created for Runescape. In this single dungeon alone, there’d be a portion dedicated to power-training, a section for gathering special resources, and a huge section turned into a PvM raid dungeon where players fight through chamber after chamber of monsters to reach an epic boss that has epic rewards – possibly an epic Primal 2h sword specifically designed for PvP only. All throughout this dungeon there’ll be secret passageways, cliffs for players to ambush others from, and quick escape routes that all can be accessed by agility. This would make full Karil’s quite useful.
Other rewards found in the dungeon could be a bonecrusher and an item that when in the inventory, automatically identifies herbs on the ground if you have the herblore level to do so.

-There can be new ores places around the wilderness that players can mine. This ore can be forged into bars and then used to repair the PvP armors/weapons otherwise the armors/weapons will deplete into ashes.

Here are many other great ideas to improve the Wilderness that I came across. One most specifically is adding a huge new area of the game connected to the Northern part of the wilderness. This area’s banks are not linked with the banks in normal Runescape meaning players will have to transport anything they want in the new land through the wilderness themselves – turning the wilderness into a major trade route. This would be a great way for players to also make money by providing ‘security’ services for people.

Here's a video that helped remind me how much of a positive effect the Wilderness has on the game if the PvP community is very active and thriving and it identifies the main problem with the Wilderness today. 
Many have seen it a while ago, but I think we all need a good reminder: