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Necromancy & Combat Pets

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Both have been requested for years, and both are similar to summoning, but can be done with out creating new models and animations and use existing models.

I'll start off with Necromancy.

Necromancy in a nutshell is bringing the dead back to yes we would be summoning a dead NPC.
Necromancy can be added to the prayer skill since that skill mostly revolves around dead things (bones)

how this would work:
 you collect the bones of a fallen npc. to summon a minion (to be explain later)  you would inscribe the bone (the new bones would be called "inscirbed bones of [undead type]"  using a hammer and chisel, then bury the bones. a puff of smoke would appear and your minion would be standing right there. you learn more inscriptions as you level up your prayer skill. now these minions would have no special abilities like familiars do in RS3...all they would do is aid you in combat.

Minions would be the current undead old School monsters and their type would be that. (a list and level requirement would be available in game) ranging from a skeleton at level 1 to a Skeletal Wyvern at level 99. minions will drop nothing and no one would gain xp from killing them in pvp areas. they attack what you attack and "decay" over time, meaning that they slowly die. the higher the level the quicker their health decreases. a new prayer skill would be provided to heal your minions. you can have up to 10 minions out at a time or enough to equal your combat level.

so that players can not over whelm npc's and players in pvp. you do less damage as an individual then you would fighting by yourself, so together Player + minions you do the same amount of damage as you would fighting by yourself.or you could do the same amount of damage as you would normally and your minions would would do between 0-10.

whats the point then? something fun and makes prayer cooler.

Combat Pets Thread QFC: 322,323,970,65183281
Combat pets is a similar idea to summoning but it isn't any thing like it. It's an add on to the hunter skill because a new skill could not be created (if it could we also couldn't get a skill cape for it) The idea of combat pets was to make our pet cats (released in July '03) attack more then just rats...then branched out to include other creatures that are currently with in the game with in reason. 

we would use an Amulet of Beasts (same stats as a power amy only when you have a tamed beast, no stats if you have no pet tamed) on a tamable creature (a list is being generated on pg 6) obtained from a hunter shop, The amulet would then be renamed to Amulet of [insert animal here]. This amy would have a right click option when worn to call out & dismiss your pet. Pets would have a new spell to revive your pet when it dies. if you die with an amy, it would be kept on death as an extra item (could be 4th or 5th item kept on death) or would be retrievable from the hunter master & Diageo. 

Since this is an add on to the hunter skill, your pets would give you a very small amount of XP towards the hunter skill but not enough to out favor traditional hunter training. The reason why i chose to add it to the hunter skill is because since recorded history hunters have used pets to help them hunt, and high ranking warriors used pets to help them in combat. 

I can still here people saying ''but so far this seems like summoning'', since new models + animations can't be created this isn't summoning, also any pet that you tamed would not have special abilities + special attacks. all it would do is help you fight in multi way areas, and to make bossing(GWD) or wildy not so easy, a few more body gaurds could be added to GWD, and NPC's would focus on the player over their pets. they also wouldn't be OP either. Wildy just like being able to bring a GWD item into wildy, to avoid pets in wildy, pets would be a p2p only thing. so f2p servers = pet free.
when your pet is out a new command might be able to be created so you can name your pet (Ex: ::petname Peanut) 

in the combat interface (where you select your attack mode) you would also be able to select your pets combat mode Accurate(slower atk speed, more likely to hit), Aggressive (faster attack speed, better chance of missing/doing less damage), and Defensive (blocks more and trys to distract your opponent). 

1: as stated earlier combat pets would consist of already existing beasts in old school runescape...a bear has combat animations.
2: (revised) Pets can be placed into Damage types (Melee, Range, And Magic) would be easier.
3: (revised) Body gaurd npc's could be added that only target pets and minions.
4: non body gaurd npc's ignore combat pets and focus on players
5: see below
5. The code would be easier, certainly. It might be strange if a level 126 warrior has a cat that's stronger than the bear owned by a lower-level player, but I expect you can work around that in the design.
''He's right you know...''
So Option 1 Realism.

so that got me thinking with the current pet list we have going on (above this post) pets need to have an inherit effect (better defense, offense, agility, and attack speeds) then other pets and then have a damage type when attacking (Melee, piercing (like arrows) and magic...all of which would fit into a type Category and a damage category. they also need to "evolve" like cats do now. As the cat gets bigger it gets stronger. not all pets have to evolve only one the ones in which a cub model is readily available. (your choice of pet skin would not effect its categories)

so we'll use the 2 pets Ash just mentioned we'll start with the cat.
The cat is small so it would be able to dodge more (agility) and at the same time they are quick because they are small (increased attack speed), with its inherit stats but because they are smaller they would have a small amount of HP (with in reason as a 126 cat as stats would scale in level or be equal to it's master)

now we'll go to the bear, when I think of a bear and we see them in game they are big + slow and have thick fur. so a bear would have better inherit defense stats & when it finally attacks would do more damage then a cat would in 1 tick.

inherit stats would be the same as seeing what stats would be on a weapon with out equipping anything.

LSS (long story short) pets stats scale as it levels and would share the same skill levels as its master has...if i have 99 across the board so does my pet and would have base stats (see below) equal to a level 126 cat with in reason.

Option 2 "Evelution of Pets" How much they trust youEvolution of pets. pets start as full grown pets their evolution is its ''trust''

Unevolved/base/base (this would be an untamed animal)
(lvl 1-20) Hearty /+15/-15% (doesn't like you)
(lvl 21-40) Playful /+5 /-5% (likes you a little bit)
(lvl 41-65) Elder /base/base (likes you enough)
(lvl 66-80) Aggressive /-5 /+5% (likes you willing to fight harder)
(lvl 81-99) Dire /-15 /+15% (Mans best friend)

levels = hunter level, certain pets would require quests and other skills to obtain them, as long as you can get to the pet you can obtain it, if it doesn't kill you while trying to tame it. Alternatively pets could have hunter level requirements on top of the evolution table + quests and other skills needed to obtain them

Base would be the same stats the beast would have out in the wild (untamed), level of the pet would be the same as the owner of the pet.

Option 3
all pets are equally as strong as each other at base levels, but then with higher hunter levels they do more damage. focuses more on the player getting their favorite pet rather then getting the best one.

between all 3 options though there will be one constant with the damage dealt. either A: the pet will do between 0 - 10 damage (depending on hunter level), or B: damage will be shared between Master and pet so that the 2 will equal 1, meaning the player will do less damage if they have a pet out fighting with them but the pet will make up the damage the player would normally do at their level if they didn't have a pet out.