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Return of the Red Moon (Quest)

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Previous title: The Lost moon - End of gielinor

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Short Story:
Our world had 5 moons. They are Black moon(swamps&evil creatures), Iron moon(red moon), Mithril moon, Admanite Moon, Runite Moon. These moons are made of 60% metal and 40% of sand and cosmic dusts.  During 2nd Age a huge Asteroid hit the Iron Moon. This collision moved the moon away from our gielinor, changing its path. Then soon the iron moon was lost. 
Group of Seers tried to track the moons last path to predict the future of the moon. The result came, and it was Chaotic. The moon will come close to our gielinor again during 5th age (which is in 5days). And its course will be right in path to hit our gielinor. It will be the end of our Gielinor. This message was written in an ancient book by seers to alert the 5th age. But this book was lost during the God wars and buried somewhere over time. So now no one knows that this moon is coming and going to hit our world in 5days.
Guthix want a mighty adventurer to save the world. He wants you, so he trying to contact you. He also trying to wake his followers to help you.

Starting the Quest:
Go to Druid circle north of taverley. You will hear a strange voice (in chat window) “I need you human, this world needs you”, “Save my people, save the world”, “wake up, talk to me”.
In short while Cyrisus will appear and tell you Oneiromancer wants to meet you and its very urgent.
Dream Potion:
Oneiromancer tells that guthix came in her dream. Guthix wants to talk to you, so im going to help you do that. For this I need to make you dream potion like before. But the potion I made before will not help to talk with gods.  Also this potion only works if the god also willing to talk. For that you will need an rare flower grow somewhere deep in wilderness, a green bird egg, ground astral rune and dream vial which will be given by Oneiromancer.
After finding the recipes player can make a Dream potion. After making the potion, take it to Oneiromancer. She will tell you how to use that potion. Stand north of astral altar, drink dream potion, then cast Dream spell (it will not work if not standing north of altar).

The God Dream:
After casting Dream spell, you will appear in a dark place. Guthix will appear here and tell you the world is in danger, it going to end in 5days. You need to find a book to save the world.
Guthix will write a location of the book in your mind.  Go to that location and dig up to find the book.

The Ancient Book:
Opening the book, you will find that this book is written in numbers and formulas. After not understanding, you will think its better to take it to the owners (Seers) of the book to find what’s written in this book.
Take the book to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight. He will be surprised to see the lost book. He tells that guthix came in his dream and said very dangerous thing is going to happen. He told me to help you, lets see what is going to happen by reading this book. After reading, even he doesn’t understand what’s exactly written. He wants someone who know well about numbers and formulas. He will give you a letter to bring observatory professor.

Shocking news:

Take the letter to observatory professor. He will read the letter. he will say, Phantuwti wants to meet me. It looks like something urgent. Il finish my work quick and meet you there.

Go to Phantuwti, professor will be there. Phantuwti will show the book to professor, professor will take some time to read the book and find what is written. He will be shocked after finding what is writtern. He will say this world is going to end in 5days. A moon is coming to hit our gielinor. It cannot be stopped by anything.


Phantuwti: you know about space and science, you should know how to stop this.

Professor: This is not what we experienced before, this is not a rock to blast up in the sky. It’s a moon, like a small planet.

Player: how about we move other moon, and hit it on this moon to push it away from its path.

Professor: if we can move other moon we can move this moon itself to push it away.

Player: you are right!

Player: how about we trick all god followers to start another god wars in that moon?

Phantuwti: Another God war? :O how that going to stop the moon?

Player: Gods have power to demolish anything even our gielinor. So the power of gods will demolish the moon.

Phantuwti: then the war will continue to our world and destroys our gielinor.

Player: I guess, you are right.

Player: How about we teleport the moon to somewhere else?

Phantuwti: Last time I told my student to teleport me to taverly, he misteled me to king black dragon… it took me lot of time to fool the King that im queens messenger, before escaping.. we don’t even have enough power to teleport small objects sometimes. Teleporting the moon will be impossible.

Professor: Wait! did you say teleport?, You are genius!

Phantuwti: you are not even a wizard. Please explain how we going to teleport the moon.

Professor: Its simple but hard. We create a giant portal like a house portal in the space.

Phantuwti: and the moon enters the portal and exits to our house. We will save the moons time.

Professor: that is where the twist is. The exit portal will not be in our house, it will be in space itself. So the moon enters to one portal and exist from other portal from other side of our world without hitting our world.

(open in new tab & Zoom it for larger view)

Phantuwti: if this is the only solution we have now, we must start the work right now. But how we going to build that giant portal?

Professor: we will need lots and lots of steels to build a portal frame.  Then we need powerful wizards together to cast the spell on frame to create a portal. And the same spell revers on another frame to create exit portal.

Phantuwti: I can donate 100 steel bars

Player: I can donate 1000 I guess.

Professor: we will need at least 1 million bars for each portal.

Player: are we going to dance for steel bars?

Phantuwti: haaa! Ha! Ha! Lets forget it and find some other solution.

Player: maybe we can try dwarfs. They might have them in stock..

Phantuwti: im not friend of any dwarfs. They always make fun of me and my wearings.

Player: I know Commander Veldaban. I helped him before. We should go and ask him. He might help.

(Veldaban will only help after the Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf quest)


 Free Steel Bars Plox:

After asking 2m steel bars, veldaban thinks phantuwti casted some spell to obey him to steal the bars. So he don’t give any bars. Even if he can help he don’t have that much bars in stock.

To convince the veldaban you will need letters from other rulers. So professor, phantuwti and you will decide to get the letters from King roald, King lathas, King vargas, Sir Amik varze, King Arthur, Mawnic Burowgar, King Gjuki, King Percival, Brundt the chieftain, Hamal the chieftain, King bolren, King narnode.

After explaining the situation to rulers. They decide to help and write a letter to veldaban. Also each of them will donate some amount of steel bars, altogether will be 1M steel bars.

Take the letters to veldaban. Now he is convinced and decides to help. He will gives 1m steel bars also his fine smiths to build the portal frame.

Rocket science:

Veldaban will tell the happy news that his smiths finished the frames in parts. Now they ready to transport.

After this professor has another problem. Which is sending these frames to space. He says he can design a vehicle to carry these frames but he cant make them fly to outer space. Maybe chemist in rimmington can help build the vehicle.

Chemist will tell, only way to throw the object to outer space is fire power. For that we will need lot of fire powders which is used in cannons.

Veldaban will agree to supply gun powders too.

Professor and chemist will build the rocket with the help of veldaban’s smiths. After a while the rocket is ready.
Now the professor has another problem. Human cannot live in space, so we cannot go there to build this portal. The pressure of space will tare the body apart. Even if we built a suit we don’t have air in space to breath. 
Chemist will give idea, black dragons hide can sustain that pressure.  But I don’t have idea of taking air to space. 
Then you will say, once Murphy built you Diving Apparatus to live under water. He can make more apparatus for everyone of us here.
Murphy will agree to help, he will need lot of fish bowls. After giving him bowls,black dhides he will give apparatus to everyone.

Welcome on Outer Space:
Now everything is ready. Professor will give co-ordinates to Veldaban to move the frames and rockets to 2 part of the world to build entry and exit portal.
Now everyone is exited to go to space!!
Note: we can use disk of returning black hole as space for this part.
Everyone will get inside rocket and the chemist will launch the rocket in a cut scene.
After got into space. Smiths will assemble the frame parts together and builds the portal frame.  After finishing the frame professor will ask everyone to get inside the rocket. He now set the course of rocket to sea. Where the rocket will fall on sea to land safely.
With same method, 2nd portal frame also be build.

Time is ticking:
It is today, the moon will hit the world. Only the frame is ready but the portal not created yet.  Phantuwti will give you the letter and take it to wizard tower and other powerful wizards around the world to bring them immediate.
After taking the letter, wizard tower will send hundreds of high level wizards to create a portal.
Wizards are arrived to 1st location. 
Everyone will join together and cast a powerful spell towards sky. 
After some struggle the 1st portal will be created.  
At the end some wizards lost so much energy. Now they cannot cast another spell to create 2nd portal. So Phantuwti will decide to lose those wizards. Only 1hr left before the moon reach the portal. So everyone will rush to 2nd location.
After arriving to 2nd location, You and all the wizards will cast the spell to create 2nd portal.  But this time the power is not enough.
Phantuwti: we have to try harder! We can do this!
Player: we don’t have enough wizards. We need moreeeeee….
Professor:  wish I could help
Phantuwti: common one more time, harder!
Professor: We are doomed!
Phantuwti: how much time we have left?
Professor: only  3min for moon to reach the portal. If 2nd portal not created , it will go thru the portal and hit our world.
Phantuwti: lets everyone use our final strength. Try harder, harder!
Professor: 2min left!
Player:  im going to die, I should’ve bought only 3 items.
Professor: 1min!
Phantuwti: nooooooooooooo!
…..: miss me?
Phantuwti: who are you I cannot turn my head, i am busy.
……: Im not invited for the party?
Phantuwti: for the love of guthix who are you?
Player: it’s the crazy old man who stole draynor bank
Wise old man: looks like I am not invited.
Player: it’s the good old man with blue party hat.
Wise old man: haha. Looks like you guys in trouble.
Phantuwti: we all are!
Wise old man: alright everyone. Lets do this. Everyone at same time!

After the wise old man joined the party. The 2nd portal is created in time. The moon enters the 1st portal and exists the 2nd. The world is saved!
Professor: now we artificially changed the path of the moon. My calculation suggests now the moon no more lost, it will circle our gielinor like before.
Wise old man: while the moon exits the portal, I managed to tune my power to see the moon closer. I saw creatures like iron and steel dragons.  If we go there we can find some ancient findings. For that we need to create small portal from our earth to moon.
Veldaban: There is some bars and powders left. My smith can make frames for small portal with it. But the powders will be enough only for 1 way trip.
Wise old man: once we created the portal on the moon we don’t need a vehicle to return, we can use that portal to return.
In a small cutscene veldabans’ smiths and oldman will go to moon and create a portal in moon.  Entry portal will be available in Phantuwti’s house for players to enter and explore the moon.
In moon players can fight iron and steel dragons, after some exploration player can find mystic dungeon where they will find some mystic creatures like mystic giants, mystic dragon, elemental dragon etc. They are weaker only to mage attacks.  Both dragons share a same room but uses different combat tactics. They have chance to drop mystic shield with high mage defence and other items.
This place is good to mine iron ores, coal, furnance and anvil also can be found here to train mining and smithing same time. But Phantuwti believes if they let adventurers to mine and take the supplies with them then one day whole moon will be mined to gielinor. so he put some seers incharge of moon to not allow anyone to take the ores, bars or items created by bars with them.

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