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Monopoly - Minigame

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Runescape monopoly is a same as monopoly board game, but slightly adjusted to play with GP to win GP. At end of game one player may have double or tripled their investment while other player took a loss. But even if the investment ended in loss, there is chance to win rare items from “chance” and “community chest”.

Where to play?
This game will be available to play in Burthope Games room.

How it works?
Player will set a investment amount and Time to start the game. When all 4 players joined the game, system will ask everyone if they are ready to invest. When everyone confirmed, gp from their inventory will be taken into monopoly game.
1/3rd of investment will goes to monopoly bank. Eg: if the investment amount was 15m, each player will give 5m to monopoly bank and keep (not in inventory, but in game window)10m to play the game. At the end of the game, remaining money in monopoly bank will be shared evenly to all 4 players.
Below picture is an example of 15M investment game
(Open picture in new tab & Zoom it for larger view)

Starting the Game:
At start all the player will be standing on “GO” location. There will be 2 Dice to roll. System will automatically roll the dice for all players.  Then player will move to next position, depend on the result from both dice.

About Buying Property and Fees:
When players lands on cities they may wish to buy that city for the price shown on board. After bought they will own that property, if other players lands on that property they will pay the fees shown on board.
When player lands on their own location, they may wish to build house in that location, it will cost same price as that location. If the player lands on their location with house, they may wish to build hotel. Again It will cost the price of that location.
When player lands on someone’s location with house, he will pay 1.5x the fee shown on board to the owner of that property. If the player lands on someone’s location with house and hotel, he will play 2x the fee shown on board to the owner of that property.

Game & Technical Rules:
1.       When player lands on new place, they will get 5sec to take decision for buying. If buy option not clicked, he/she will miss the chance and the dice will move to next player.
2.       If player disconnected from game, system will play automatically for that player, but will not buy any property for that player.  That player can join the same game if they back online before the game ends.
3.       If player wants to quit the game in middle, they will receive only 50% of the cash in hand.  Remaining 50% will goes to monopoly bank. Location owned by that player will be available again for anyone to buy. So it is not advised to bail out in middle.
4.       During bankruptcy, players will get option to sell any one of their properties to monopoly bank for 50% of the money spent on that location.
5.       Price of locations, properties will go lower or higher, depend on the investment amount. And rarity of items in treasure chest from chance and community chest will change depend on the investment.

End of Game:
There will be reward chest in corner of room. Player can take their chance and community chest winnings, cash in hand and bank share from the chest.

Chance & Community Chest:
When players landed on Chance or Community Chest, They will receive rewards depend on number they rolled on dice.
Eg: if a player landed on chance by rolling 2 on dice, they will receive Bandos Treasure Chest.
Note: below list is a example idea for rewards. It could be something else.

Chance List:
2. Bandos Treasure chest(opening will give supplies, gems etc, and 1/20 chance to get Bandos helmet or bandos war shield.
3. Energy orb (consuming this will give 5min of unlimited run energy)
4. Your kingdom running in loss. You have lost 500K
5. Happy Birthday! King roald sent you a gift voucher of 2m(use it on any gen store npc to receive 2m)
6. Advance to GO. Receive 250K
7. You are poisoned. Sit next 3 rounds.
8. You have won 50 herb packs
9. You have won 25 Gem bags (like herb pack, contains gems upto dstone)
10. You found a clue scroll(if already has a clue scroll, player will receive 100k)
11. you slipped and fell down from magic carpet and paid 400k to doctor.
12. Zamorak Treasure chest(opening will give supplies, gems etc, and 1/20 chance to get Zamorak war shield with high mage defence)

Community Chest List:
2. Armadyl Treasure chest(1/20 chance to get armadyl boots or gloves)
3. Ice Barrage! All the opponents will sit for 1 round
4. Blood Barrage! All the players will give you 200K
5. You paid general repairs 25k for each location, house and hotels.
6. Teleother Jail. sends all the opponents to Jail.
7. You've won the fishing contest and received 250 raw sharks and 100 manta ray.
8. Chaos! Jad escaped the cave! you captured Jad and received 10k tokkul & 20 Onyx Tips.
9. You have failed the random event and teleported to Jail.
10. Next treasure trial chest you open will also contain a clue scroll.
11. All the players, including you will not receive fee & cannot buy anything for 1 round.
12. Saradomin Treasure Chest(1/20 chance to get Zilyana’s shield(soaks damage against zamorak followers and Kril inside GWD, ))

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