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What's next for CR0W's CC after Rare hunts?

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this has been a common topic in My clan chat for the last few months. People suggested becoming a trade clan, other suggested pk (probably because I use to have the best clan in runescape...some years ago) and others have suggested community events, and that's what we're going with Community events (would be cool if we could get 3 community event worlds 1 US, 1 Uk, 1 German)

So there may or may not be a huge thread about this.

since school has started in most areas around the world now the runescape population has dwindled a bit, but that's ok...Monday through Friday (unless there's a holiday in that time) the clan chat will be more of a social place for people to just talk about almost anything, since rare hunts will be over we won't need to enforce everyone on one world (until an event is starting) and we won't need to have you guys, gals & everything in between talk about a certain topic...Friday night until late sunday night early monday mornings. we'll have regular community events, we'll specify what the event is where it will be and any other requirements to attend... we'll try to give a schedule for a months worth of week end events, and work with Mod Mat K and his events.

so when can we begin? Friday Sept 6th until Monday Sept 9th

Rules for the MR CR0W clan chat effective  Sept 2nd (when rare spawns are over)

Rule #1 - Ranks Off World

Ranks are allowed to be on any world as long as they’re helping in the chat.

Rule #2 - Non-Ranks Off World

during free reign in which no community event is currently happening you may be on any world, when a community event has started, we ask that you hop to the world if you wish to participate in the event or hop to one of the backup clan chats provided.

Rule #3 - Off Topic Rule

restricted to appropriate game talk, no inappropriate talk shall be tolerated as someone of any age can be playing Runescape. examples include: adult language (swearing/cussing), racial slurs, or other general offensive language

Rule #4 - Prices Talk

Talking of prices and other information on this basis is not allowed, two warnings must be given individually to the person talking about prices of anything in Old School before kicking, although, if there is a conversation about the prices of an item and there are several people involved - 2 mass warnings may be admitted, followed up by - Next person to talk about prices of (insert item or items here) get's kicked to end the conversation and continue with the clan chat's procedure.

Rule #5 - Inactivity of Ranks

Ranks are allowed to take as much time away from the chat as they need. It’s preferred if you let us know before the inactivity begins; on the thread dedicated to stating you’re going be away first, but it’s not required to.

Rule #6 - Kicking

Every time you kick a rank, you MUST post why on the clan forums. You can also post when you kick non-ranks if you’ve kicked the same one multiple times or feel that certain people are being disruptive enough to have more permanent action taken against them. The thread for this is around the clans section in the private forums.

Rule #7 - Chat Restrictions

The chat should only be unrestricted when the chat is not full and Mr Cr0w is online. Exceptions to this may be made if the ranks currently online agree on it. If you’re making an exception, make sure you also agree upon a time to end it so that the chat isn’t left open/closed for long periods with ranks who came on after the exception was discussed.

Rule #8 - Be Nice

This is a very important rule. There is a no tolerance policy for the following behaviours; trolling, insulting, flaming, arguing or anything of that nature. If someone is trolling, insulting or flaming a rank or non-rank; whether you are a rank or a non-rank you will be instant kicked. With regards to arguing in the clan chat - this applies to ranks arguing with ranks, two warnings will be admitted, first one along the lines off '(names here) please take this to PM else you will be kicked' second warning, (names here) take this elsewhere else you will be kicked, final warning' or something along those lines. With regards to a non-rank arguing with a rank; they may be instant kicked as this may be considered flaming or anything along those lines. This clan chat is here to help people and people aren't here to witness arguing between ranks or anything of that nature; therefore be nice to each other in the clan chat and on the forums else your rank may also be compromised, so be nice :).

Rule #9 - Advertising of Streams/Links

Advertising streams that aren't helping people with rares, is not allowed. If the stream is helping people find rares and is of that nature, then it is allowed to advertise the link of the stream. This must be confirmed by a general or the highest rank online to permit the stream being advertised, but do so at your own risk as you may receive a mute for advertising the link. Although, advertising links to Jagex mod's twitters and streams is allowed.

Rule #10 - Follow Jagex Rules

This rule is simple, please follow all of Jagex's rules.

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