Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Old Old RuneScape

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Probably most of you don't even remember these glorious days, these old days, when everything in RuneScape was totally different. Different graphics, different experience, different content. I am one of those Old School RuneScape players who can remember how the old Special Attack interface looked like.

Special Attack bar look before the current Old School version of RuneScape.

Also, dragons, no matter how much their look has been improved over the years. As an Old School Player I love that old and poor look. Every time when I look at this picture I just feel a need to go and hunt those dragons down! And not on my own, but with my fellow comrades who would step into the wilderness with me together!

Let's not forget the Fire Giants which looked like Super Saiyans from Dragon Ball anime movie!

Can you believe that this was a Barbarian Village?

Quests... Old look of a grass, a castle - everything!

My point is, that we don't need to forget the past, sometimes it is even better than the future. Regarding the Old School RuneScape, we should implement as many old features as possible. The previous blog post about Kraken has made me think, that updates like this could happen way back in 2006/2007. Updates are okay as long as we keep the game in his current state. When looking at these pictures I feel nostalgia, we should always feel it when playing this version of a game.

More pictures at:  http://en.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/1rf5ka/runescape_2004_question/