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Irundan - The Team work (osrs Boss)

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Boss Name: irundan
Pronunciation: e-ruin-dun
Language: Ancient Tamil
Meaning: Dark Creature, Dark Ghost, Dark Demon
Race: Demon
Size: Size of Decaying Avatar
HP:  4500 (1500 each phase)
Phase: 3
Mode: 2 (Black, Grey)
Minions: 9(3 in each section)

Are you a Skiller/Pure/Main who wants to involve in a Biggest Boss fight in OSRS? Then keep reading!

Druids Treasure: Druids legendary treasures were stolen by Dark wizards and buried in secret location. After many years of trying, druids finally managed to find the location of their treasure. It was hid inside a secret dark wizard’s temple underground. Entrance of cave can be found south of castle wars.
Even after finding the location and capturing the cave and Temple, druids can’t able to get the treasure back. Because the problem is dark wizards managed to bind the demons for their service to safeguard the treasure. Not just any demon, The Warlord of Hell Irundan itself. Druid committee thinks these treasures will be safe in any hands than these dark wizards and demons. So they looking for some fearless Hunters to hunt this demon and take the treasures as reward, but at a cost of small entrance fee.
Talk to sanfew to get permission to enter the cave.

Boss Modes: Black, Grey
Black: Can only be damaged by dark weapons (obtained during battle) made inside boss room.
Grey: Can be damaged by any items but no Dark Items.

Boss Special Moves:
  • Dodge(duration 15sec)- Stops attacking and Dodges players attacks, which will cause players to damage each other. To avoid this players should stop attacking Irundan.
  • Hellfire(15sec) – Throws huge Ball of fire. Causes Heavy Damage. Damage reduced to 50% wearing antifire shield, 75% AFS+potion, 75% by DFS, 100% DFS+potion.
  • Hellsmoke(15sec) – Makes Players Dizzy, which will reduce players attack speed by 50% for 15 sec.
  • Deploy – Boss Deploys 3 Suicidal minions , which will come to fighters and detonates in 10sec, causing heavy damage. The amount of damage done will heal the boss. This damage cannot be blocked by prayers. Only way to prevent this is by killing the suicidal minions within 10sec.
  • Tank  – Becomes Rock hard. Tanks all ranged and meele attacks. can only be damaged by mage. He stays in this special move for 150 damage. Magers have to do 150 damage to make him drop this move.  
  • Shield  – Creates protective shield around him. Meele and magers cannot hit thru the shield.  Only Rangers(high speed objects) can penetrate the shield. He stays in this special for 150 hp.
  • Dark Tornado – Creates a Dark Tornado around him, which will block all range and mage attacks. Only close range melee opponents can do damage. He stays in this special for 150hp.
  • Fatality – Boss uses Fatality and only Fatality When hp down to 15% on each phase. During this Special move his attack speed will be increased and does 50% more damage.

Boss Basic attacks:
Basic attack will be used by boss all over the phase and even during his special moves.
Range: Throws stalagmites which will do heavy range damage. Can be blocked by protection prayer.
Mage: Dark spell which does heavy damage. Can be blocked by protection prayer.

Minions: Each fighters room will have 3 minions. If killed, minions will spawn again in a min.
  • Green Demon: Attacks by mage. Damaging him will heal the player but also reduces combat stats.
  • Black Demon: Attacks by Range. Damaging him will boost combat stats(caped) by 20% of damage done. But at the cost of 50% damage back to attacker.
  • Red Demon: Attacks by melee. Killing red demon will prevent boss from using Fatality Special move for 30sec. If already in Fatality, killing Red demon will end it and prevents using it for 30sec. killing him will also reduce players attack speed by 25% for 30sec.

Boss Room Map
(open it in new tab for larger view)

Entrance Fee :
Players must pay Entrance fee to enter Boss room.
Warriors- 25k Melee value+100k gp
Rangers- 25k Range Value+ 100k gp
Magers- 25k mage value + 100k  gp
Skillers- 50k of any 3 above value+ 200k gp

Melee value = High alch value of melee armours, weapons and other melee related items.
Range value = High alch value of range armours, weapons, ammos and other range related items.
Mage value = high alch value of mage armours, weapons, runes and other mage related items.

Players will use the items noted or unnoted and GP on Druid outside boss room.  Like how we can see Gwd kill counts on screen, we can see amount of item values and gp we have paid, on screen when outside bossroom/selection room.
Players can pay fee in advance to avoid bringing the fee every trip. Can save upto 1m item value and 2m GP in advance.

Selection Room:
Selection Room is outside boss room.  Here player can get a selection scroll from druid and use it on player to invite them(like how it works in barbarian assault).  Leader will assign the duty of players. Can assign upto 3 rangers, 3 warriors, 3 magers, 8 skillers.
When team is ready, players will enter the portal outside bossroom. They will be placed on room according to the duty they were assigned.
Warriors – North , Magers – East , Rangers – west , Skillers – south.

The Fight
After entering boss room, exit portal will close in 30sec. after that only way to getting out of boss room is by teleporting out.
Three Black wizards will be guarding each fighters room. They spawn 10 Greater demons on each room. When final greater demon killed in each room, black wizards will teleport to middle and does a 15sec(good time to pick supplies) ritual to summon Irundan along with minions.
Phase 1:
In Phase 1, irundan will be in Grey mode. He can be damaged by any normal weapons. Irundans total Hp will be 1500 in phase 1. When down to 15% Hp he will use Fatality. When killed he drops on ground as big pile of Grey ash, he will reborn from his ash as black, phase 2 will start. (there will be 20sec reborn time to pick dark weapons and supplies)

Phase 2:
In Phase 2, irundan will be in Black mode. He can be damaged only by Dark weapons(made by skillers, read skillers duty for more about it). Irundans total Hp will be 1500 in phase 2. When down to 15% Hp he will use Fatality. When killed he drops on ground as big pile of Black ash. He will reborn from this ash again for his final phase. (there will be 20sec reborn time)

Phase 3:
In Phase 3, irundan will switch between Grey and Black mode. So player should switch weapons according to his mode. His total Hp will be 1500 in phase 3. He will use fatality at 15% of hp. This time when killed he drops as Red ash and don’t reborn. Obstacles will broke when he died on phase 3, so players can go to any part of room and reach Irundans Ash. Searching the ash will give Key to open Dark wizards Treasure Locker.
Fighters will find Black key. Skillers will find Grey key.

Dark Weapons:
Players will need dark weapons to damage Black mode of boss.
Dark Sword:
Low lvl-  needs 65 smithing to make, 60 attack to weild. Stats are equivalent to 60 attack weapons. After 5 hits it breaks and disappears.
Med lvl – needs 75 smithing to make, 70 attack to weild, stats are equivalent to 70 attack weapons. After 5 hits it breaks and disappears.
High lvl – needs 90 smithing to make, 80 attack to weild, stats are equivalent to 80 attack weapons. After 8 hits it breaks and disappears.
Dark Staff:
Low lvl -  needs 65 crafting to make , 60 mage to weild. Charged with 5 low lvl spell. Damage equivalent to fire blast. Breaks and disappear after 5 use.
Med lvl – needs 75 crafting to make, 70 mage to weild. Charged with 5 med lvl spell. Damage equivalent to fire wave. Breaks and disappears after 5 use.
High lvl – needs 90 crafting to make, 80 mage to weild. Charged with 8 high lvl spell. Damage equivalent to fire surge. Breaks and disappears after 8 use.
Dark Bolts:
Low lvl – needs 65 smithing 65 fletching to make. Needs adamant cross bow+. Damage equivalent to ady bolt.
Med lvl -  needs 75 smithing 75 fletching to make. Needs rune cross bow+. Damage equivalent to rune bolts.
High lvl – needs 90 smithing 90 fletching to make. Needs rune cross bow+. Damage equivalent to royal bolts.

Skillers Duty
Skillers will provide supplies to fighters. They will be in south end. South side of room will have resource to make the supplies and items needed.
Woodcutter / Firemaker/crafter:
As skillers will be in south end Behind the boss, they will not be attacked by boss. But boss has giant long tail. It will hit the ground and creates Shock wave. Shock wave will stuns everyone in skiller area and prevents them from moving for 15sec, which will slows down skillers process. To prevent this, chopper will chop roots and uses it on oily trench. fire maker will light the root. Firewall will keep the boss tail on other side.
Higher lvl root will keep the firewall for long time, but also needs high lvl firemaking to light it.
Chopper will also chop dark roots. Crafter will craft the roots into dark staff and places it on staff stand.
Fighters will need Dark swords and bolts to damage Black Mode. Miner will mine dark ore from dark rock. Smither will smelt and make dark sword and dark bolts unf. Fletcher will finish the bolt. Finished swords will be placed on weapon stand and bolts will be placed on ammo table.
Fighters will need lots and lots of food. 1 inv of food will not be enough. To help them, fishers will catch raw fish and cooks will cook them and places it on food crate.
Pond fish – lvl 65 fishing and cooking. heals 16
cat fish – lvl 75 fishing and cooking. heals 20
eel – lvl 90 fishing and cooking. heals 24.
Fighters will need more prayer/super restore potions. Players can find ranarr and snapdragon by searching the rock and pick it by farming skill. Snape grass and red spiders egg can be picked near swamp pond. Vials can be found by searching Tool crate. Water can be filled by using vial on wall crack. Finished potions will be placed on potion table.
Agile player will be delivering weapon, bolts, staffs, foods and potions. It can be delivered to fighters area only thru agility trench.  After taking the weapons or supplies in inventory, small rock must be crossed using lvl 50 agilty. After crossing the small rock , player will be automatically drop to crouch position on the trench. Being in a trench is safe from being attacked. Then the player crouch thru the trench to deliver weapons on weapon stand, staff on staff stand, food on food crate and potions on table in fighter’s area.
  • 50 agility – to cross and crouch slower than walking speed
  • 65 – Crouch at walking speed.
  • 75- Crouch above walking speed.
  • 85- Crouch close to running speed.

Like Barrows chest. Locker will be different for every player. So one player’s loot will not affect other player.
Common loots:
5 UC dstone/20 UC diamond/30 UC ruby, emerald, sapphire
Noted herbs
Onyx bolt tips
Noted potions
Soul/blood/death/chaos runes
… etc etc

Rare Loots:  (Loots are rare as barrows items. except elixir other rare loots will be very rare for Grey key/skillers.)
Note: Below idea for new items and set effects is an example for new rewards. it can be changed if community dont like.
  • Evil elixir(used on barrows armour/whip for improved set effect)
  • Dragon Hasta head (tradable, needs magic log,plan scroll to make dragon hasta)
  • Plan scroll (tradable plan scroll to make Dragon hasta. Take plan and hasta head to otto to make)
  • # Dragon throwing knifes
  • Dark cross bow (with special attack)
  • Dark staff (with special attack)
  • Dark sword (with special attack)
  • Demon amulet (unlimited teleport to some locations)

Other info’s:
Evil elixir:
Take barrows set/whip, elixir to sanfew. He will use the elixir on set to make them dark barrows set. He will charge 500k for his service.
  • Dharok set effect – regular increased strength + 1/5 chance of 50% damage reduction.
  • Torag set effect – regular energy drain + does 3 quick hits at a time with increased accuracy.
  • Ahrim set effect – regular strength drain + fires all 4 bolt (air,earth,water,fire) at a time.
  • Karil set effect – regular agility drain + 15% more damage.
  • Verac set effect – Hits thru prayer + restores prayer from 50% damage done.
  • Guthan set effect – does 20% more damage + Heals for amount of damage done.
  • Dark Whip special - 2 hit(meele&mage) same time. 1st hit normal special which drains energy, 2nd fires charged flames of zamorak.

Dragon Hasta special: 3 quick stab. 1st hit with 20% accuracy, 2nd hit with 20% str, 3rd hit with both 20% accuracy and str.
Dark cross bow special: does 20% more damage
Dark staff special: fires 2 spell same time. 1. normal spell with 20% more damage & 2. fires charged flames of zamorak.

Demon Amulet Teleport locations: (some locations available only after unlocking the quests)
Abandoned mine, uzer, agility pyramid, khazari jungle, mountain camp, between eagles peak and gnome strhold, elf camp,  feldip hills, wildy chaos temple, altar west of lava maze, wildy demonic ruins.

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