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The Kraken - OSRS Boss.

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I've always wondered what it'd be like to fight a highly dynamic boss without the use of overloads, quick prayers, and high leveled gear; basically bare-bones Oldschool Style!
Right now many people are wanting more PvM in the 2007 servers by bringing back many bosses that are in RS3. But that too would get old very quickly as they're bosses that are giant punching bags that drop items that devalue every previous armor and weaponry along with creating an even more unbalance in the combat triangle. So I thought of a unique dynamic boss-fight for OSRS unseen in Runescape before.

You want challenging PvM, then enjoy the read.

The Kraken - Level 600        

Back story:
Murphy, in Port Khazard, has been hearing many tales of a giant sea monster attacking fishing vessels and other ships off the coast. For anybody to defeat the monster would be rewarded with unimaginable wealth or power.

You can start the fight by speaking to Murphy after having saved Pirate Pete in the Recipe for Disaster quest. You will need both the fish bowl helmet and diving apparatus.

This is mostly designed as a team battle but good luck to those hardcore PvMers who attempt solo kills.

Combat mechanics:
The battle will have 3 stages. The monster will use all 3 combat styles.

The first stage:
Defend the ship and force the monster to retreat. You'll be fighting the tentacles which will be using melee, magic, and range. There will be 6 tentacles each level 100. 2 tentacles use melee, 2 use range, and 2 use magic.
To win the first stage you must drain so much levels from these tentacles as they do not have the standard 'hitpoints'. Axes, Battleaxes, and Warhammers can be used in fending off the tentacles, however it'd be much slower.

Any weapons and spells that have special effects will be useful in this fight.
-For the melee tentacles you must drain its strength levels. Full Ahrim's special feature will come in handy here.
-For the ranged tentacles you must drain its energy and agility levels. Full Karil's and Torag's special abilities will come in handy here.
-For the magic tentacles you must drain its magic levels. A Seercull or Dragon Axe special attack will come in handy here.

The Second stage:
Time to throw on your diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet as you will now pursue the fleeing Kraken. You must prevent it from entering its underwater void; a mystical portal leading to... well nobody knows.

Here freezing spells will prevent it from moving. While it's frozen, you must destroy its void portal, which has 2500 health.
Players can also Teleport-Block the monster to prevent it from entering the void for 1 minute. This will get the Kraken very angry and will begin to attack players with everything its got since it doesn't need to focus on teleporting away.

The Final Stage:
Once the void is destroyed, the final stage will begin triggering the Kraken to make its final stand. Here is when players must focus their damage on the Kraken. There will be a few uncommon attacks that have the power to dish up to 75 damage, which can be prevented by protecting range, melee, or magic depending on what attack it is. Kind of like Tztok-Jad how his attacks are predictable.

This monster will reward every player who participated with a cape of their choice, the Void Cape (Ranged cape equivalent to the Fire Cape and same use as Ava's Accumulator) or the Water Cape (Magic's equivalent to the Fire Cape).

Tradeable drops:
-The monster will drop up to 3 tradeable rewards. 1 going to the person who has dealt the most damage using range, 1 person who dealt the most damage with magic, and 1 person who dealt the most damage with melee.

The unique drops will consist of:
-Dragon Warhammer
-Dragon Kiteshield
-Dragon Crossbow
-Kraken bone staff (First magic staff to offer a special attack)

New drop system:
Along with all these rewards, players will have 2 minutes to search ship wrecks that hold other players' loot who've died fighting the Kraken in the past before having to re-surface and head back to Port Khazard where they can boast about their victories battle against the dreaded Kraken.

Here's a cool trailer for it:

Here's an awesome picture I found on the 2007 reddit. All credit goes to 'Sir Zelden'. Awesome picture, dude!