Saturday, 13 July 2013

Kindness doesn't cost a thing.

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I recently went on OSRS to go cut some logs as you do, and my axe (or hatchet as some call it) broke due to the silly ent was swinging his arms like no tomorrow. I really thought that he was going to go all harlem shake on me, seriously.

Anyway, after debating for about an hour wondering what to do and price checking all of my oak logs in the bank, I found out that I could afford an iron axe.

This was great news since having to use a Bronze Axe is a bit of a pain since it cuts the oak logs quite slowly than usual. (Having 99 Woodcutting on RS has it's benefits.)

Anyway. I stood around the Varrock Big Bank at World 325 for about 20 minutes asking for people trade my broken Bronze Axe for an Iron Axe.

After some time, a randomer who I have never met before came up to me, gave me 100k and 2 Black Axes and asked 'Are you new to OSRS?' I said 'No, I have played back in 07, but this is the 10th maybe 12th time I've been on OSRS since I first made my account.

This is what I enjoy about RuneScape in general, just people being nice to a stranger.

Kindness really doesn't cost a thing.

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