Saturday, 8 June 2013

Runescape Here to Stay

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We have done it guys, we have managed to revive a long lost game from the depths of the jagex servers and bring it back to life with so much enthusiasm that Mod Pips has confirmed that Oldschool Runescape will be here to stay for years to come.

Old School RuneScape has been running for over 3 months, so now is a good time to talk about our long term plans for the servers. Let’s cut to the chase: Old School RuneScape is here to stay!
Longevity – We’re committed to Old School RuneScape for the long term. We plan to run the service for many years to come.
Cost – When Old School RuneScape launched we said access would be included as part of membership for the first 6 months, and then we’d review the pricing. We’ve made that decision now, rather than wait for September… There will be no increase in cost for the foreseeable future and we aren’t planning to review the pricing again for at least the next year, if not much longer. You will be able to access both Old School and the main game for the price you are currently paying for membership.
Stability – We’re aware players are still being affected by sporadic server disconnects and connectivity issues, and are re-doubling our efforts to sort this out. We’re confident that in the coming weeks and months the various steps we’re taking will progressively improve connection stability.
Bots – We will continue our anti-bot work which has really been seeing results in the last month or so. Since expanding BotWatch’s reach into Old School over 90,000 additional bans have been made, an incredible number, which averages out around 1,800 bans a day. Let us be clear: this behaviour is not allowed in either main or Old School RuneScape!
Support – We will continue to support the game from a development and community perspective, continuing to evolve the service as directed by you the players. This includes the regular polls for feature updates, powered by ideas sourced from the community.
Mods Ash, MatK, Nexus, Reach and the rest of the team love working with the Old School community and are looking forward to many exciting times ahead.
Mod Pips
Executive Producer"

I am immensely happy of this breakthrough and its amazing to finally see JaGeX listening to what the players want, this game has been labled many things as has JaGeX but if they keep up this enthusiasm and commitment this game that we all loved will once again be able to addict people of all ages!

Great work guys, keep on playing and keep the servers alive!