Sunday, 9 June 2013

More OSR Events in the Pipeline?

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For me, if there was one thing about RuneScape that I appreciate the most over the 8+ years I've been playing, it wouldn't be the levels, the quests or other various achievements I've had.  Sure, those are other things I remember but the one thing that kept me excited to keep on playing 'way back' would be the in-game events I've attended, and this is something that to be honest, I haven't seen too much of yet in OSR.

Granted, the overall community atmosphere has changed a bit - back then, people played for fun, and now the general attitude seems to be "no xp waste" (which I get, people want to be efficient in their playtime and I don't mind that one bit).  However, I'm sure there are still plenty of folks out there who don't mind 'wasting xp' and would be more than up for popping along to participate in an activity and engage in some fun with other players.  Whether it be a minigame, a Q&A, a Skill 'n' Chill, or just a get-together where JMods spawned fun stuff and that's one thing I'd love to see more of in OSR.

We started out somewhat strong in this part actually - within a few weeks of the launch of OSR, the JMods came ingame for a few Q&A's, to hang out with the community, and, to our surprise, spawn some chickens which caused for quite a bit of fun (as well as giving us the chance to meet some of the JMods who worked on the game).

Since then, though, there's only been a few events that I've seen and I'd love to see more, as that was just one of the things which I remembered from when Old School was the main game.  Through a quick search of the forums just now, I see a few groups still working towards the rares which started spawning this week, a weekly Q&A group (which I am a part of and will say have been going quite well so far), the occasional 99 party, and a few trying to organize a few minigames (often times for quests).

It is great to see some events, but I feel that there really aren't more and would love to see some more be started up, even if its something as simple as a hide and seek somewhere (with or without a prize) or a get together of people skilling together and chatting.  Events were always a part of RuneScape and it is something that I'd love to see happening more and more often, especially as we move into the summer months with more players about and all have much more free time.