Thursday, 31 October 2013

A traditional OSRS Halloween

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In the past few weeks, we've experienced a throwback to a "traditional" Halloween in OSRS (that being the fun Halloween event from 2006 which was re-installed into the game for us to play through and obtain the regular rewards from (what was then) the present and the past).  However, there was just one thing that was missing.... until tonight, that is.

You just can't have a holiday in RuneScape without some sort of other event as well.  Sure, the holiday events are always fun and enjoyable, but player events are always fun as well.  For the past few weeks, Ice Crush had hosted a few "Spooky Storytelling" events, where we would all gather around ingame and tell spooky Halloween themed stories, but tonight was the big finale - an ingame get-together, on Halloween night (in the US, at least, it was right at midnight on November 1st over in the UK), meeting up at Gielinor's greatest haunted house, Draynor Manor, where sweets and beer were shared, a conga was formed, and fun was had.

Thanks for an awesomely fun night, and perhaps we'll be seeing another one of these with a slightly different theme as we quickly approach the holiday season. :)