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The Horde is Upon us!-- RS07 Mini game/ Event idea

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We have all thought about the question, "What if the zombies came, what would be my plan of action?" Well I propose a little test of that, or at least a fun event to test that.

The event:

This would be separate from the planned Halloween event, and have its own servers as well. You would start at one of five locations, Falador, Lumbridge, Ardougne, Al-Kharid, and the Wilderness. You will start with nothing no skills, no items, no food, no water, and no mini-map.(you would have to find a map of the area, and it would be only for one area, so you would have to find all the map pieces) The idea is to survive as long as you can. You will die eventually if you run out of food and water, you may form alliances, or destroy them to advance your own goals. Its untimely you and the zombie horde, and you have your options.

The NPC's:

There will be zombies of varying levels wandering. They will follow you, unprovoked if you are running, if you are walking you might be able to sneak by. There will be safe zones, which will be non PVP areas where you may barter, trade supplies, and form alliances. There will be NPC shop keepers in these zones, where you might trade supplies with them for weapons, tools and other items. The zombies will behave like, well, zombies. They will be in very annoying places, just waiting.  The zombies will be able to be killed, but it will be hard to work your way up to it.


Skilling will be a essential part of this event. You might fish for your food, you could hunt for it, cooking it will provide better hunger satisfaction then eating it raw, cutting down trees would be good for laying barricades and the obvious, getting wood for a fire. Fires would be dangerous however, as at night it would attract a zombie, and other players.   There will be a day/night cycle every 30 minutes or so, you might want to find temporary shelter for the night in a house or somewhere of the sort. All skills would be involved, Herblore would be used to create medicine, mining and smiting to make better weapons, or upgrades, agility will increase how long you can run and how fast you are. crafting for making supplies, firemaking for how fast you can light a fire, fetching for creating bows and ammo, thieving for stealing from someone else's camp, or sneaking around, ect.


Towns are typically filled with zombies and bandits, but if you are brave there can be a well deserved reward. Castles may be held by players in an alliance, but be warned, if you hold a castle, there will be a zombie horde upon you. Castles will provide players who hold it with food, water, weapons and armor from the armory, and other such gear. Castles will still be pvp, so if your alliance decides you are the weakest link, you can still be killed. The whole map would be styled after the PVP worlds but the safe zones would be minimal. They would also move periodically to prevent people from camping in them for days on end. You may not enter a safezone if you are in combat, and your timer will not count for time spent in it. (this will be explained later)


Your goal is to survive as long as possible, there will be a high score for the most zombies killed, most players killed, and longest time spent alive. There will be rewards in the main game also, some cosmetic items, xp lamps, and other stuff (open to all suggestions).

Life and death cycle:

Since this is PVP, there will be rules about combat. You can not attack anyone who is not within 11 combat levels as you, unless they are skulled for attacking another player. The combat will be multi way, allowing for teamwork if wanted. You will level up combat at an increased rate then other skills but when you die you loose all combat skills, but keep your non combat skills. So if i have 50 attack and 10 woodcutting and i die, i will have 1 attack and 10 woodcutting. This will prevent people re spawning and dominating people for their gear, and forcing the player to earn his own way. There will be no bank system, but you might find or craft backpacks that can hold between 5 and 15 extra items. (A backpack with 28 slots is a reward further on)


A group of players working to survive together, loosely bonded. Because of the pvp aspect you may remove leaders from power for being weak, or you may be removed for your gear. They are formed simply by players traveling together and aiding one another, but be warned, they are also dangerous. Groups of players will attract more zombies then a single player. As you can not hold a castle by yourself, a alliance would be needed if you would like a fort to survive in, but that will also be dangerous. if you are being chased by zombies, a member of the alliance may be sacrificed for the good of the group, by casting a stun or bind spell. The horde will stop to attack the player left behind.


Bandits are players that achieve more then 20 player kills. They are identified by a tag on their name or a symbol over their head. Bandit players have a few options. They can pay a NPC with all their supplies and half of their levels to have the tag removed, or they can keep being a bandit. Bandits also may form alliances called a raid party. These raid parties will be dangerous to most players. Bandit status will be removed after 24 hours. Bandits are always skulled, and may not enter safe zone areas. Bandits however, gain all skill faster, and receive rare drops from players and zombies. Drops up to Dragon items, lots of food, Whips, Runes (super rare, magic is almost non existent) ect. They would also receive bonus items in regular RS07.


You couldn't do this without some epic PVM also. In the Canfis safe zone, you would hear form the NPC there that someone is held up in the Castle and they might give you a rare item if you go investigate. Upon reaching the castle, you (and your group if you have one) would be set upon by a horde of zombies, after taking refuge in the castle you find yourself confronting a doctor (Dr. Zombee) who has lost his mind. He claims to have created the epidemic, by trying to bring his wife back to life. He was successful, but she was undead, and started spreading the virus. He was not able to stop her, because he was too weak to kill her when he realized his mistake. He would proceed to tell you how he lured her into the former Slayer tower, where she was locked up at. He gives you the key and you move to the slayer tower, and as soon as you unlock the front door and go it, she shambles out. This boss fight would be four parts, taking place on each floor.

Part one: Enemies:

Maria Zombee (Lv: 70) 50 HP

She will atempt to get close to you and bite you, if she is successful you loose 50% of your hp and you have minor poison. Ranged weapons would work best to keep her at a distance. After defeating her first form she would retreat to the 2nd floor.

Part two: Enemies:

Maria Zombee  (Lv: 85) 70 HP
Zombie Horde (Lv: 60)  20 HP ea.

Maria would summon a horde to assist her, they would climb the stairs after you, so you have to fight Maria on one side and zombies on the other. She will now use melee attacks as well as a bite, so keep her away with range. After defeating her, she would crumble to the floor in a pile of bones, but her spirit would come out of it and move up a floor.

Part three: Enemies:

Maria's Spirit (Lv 100) 100 Hp

Abyssal Demon: (Lv 95) 75 Hp

Maria would summon some weak Demons from the Abyss to assist her. They would spawn until you were able to kill her. She would be weak to Magic spells, but those being rare, she would also be weak to a crush attack. Defeating her will cause her to possess a demon and climb to the top floor.

Part four: Enemies:

Abyssal Maria: (Lv: 140) 200 HP

Maria will no longer be weak to any attack, so you may use whatever you want, but she is very powerful. She will have a ranged attack that will do 20 damage per hit,  and a melee attach that dose 30. She will also hit through prayer, and use prayer herself, in a similar manner to the kalphyte queen. After taking enough of her life down, she will move to release the spirit inside her, so you must use either a holy or unholy symbol on her to remove the soul. after that one hit will finish her and she will be released.

Dragon Dagger P++ (uncommon)
Dragon Longsword (uncommon)
Dragon Scimitar (very rare)
Dragon Chainbody (very rare)
Abyssal Whip (rare)
(Other drops applicable)
500 Z-tokens

On returning to the NPC who informed you of it and informing them on what had happened you will receive a backpack for stowing up to 28 more items.

This boss fight would be difficult to attempt based on the server and mini game involved in it but the challenge is all the fun, right? It would be worth the time and risk if you succeed, by unlocking a rare item in the Z-coin shop. (whatever is decided, but something noteworthy to show achievement, like a cape)

How this would work:

This could work one of two ways, either have one world devoted to what i like to call this, Project Z, or have it in game as a mini-game. Either way it would require a lot of work. This mini game of sorts would draw players for the rewards, and the game play. I understand how hard it would be to get this functioning, so it wouldn't be just a Halloween thing, it would be a permanent mini game. You would earn Z-Tokens (name can be altered) to trade in for the prizes or xp. This is just a thought, and i feel it would be lots of fun. The idea is loosely based off of the game Day-Z, but it has a Runescape twist. It could potentially draw more people into 07 to try it. Its just my opinion, and even if it dosn't have a very 07 feel, i think it would be fun and a challenge for all who would want it.

Feel free to PM me if you want something clarified, or want to chat about it. I know its a odd idea but hey, why not. Remember before you yell at me, its just a idea.
-Jarl Sid