Wednesday, 17 July 2013

RuneScape Addendum - An OSRS Movie

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A new, long anticipated  Runescape movie, titled 'RuneScape Addendum', has finally been released to the public! As a fan of Rs07News I of course couldn't wait to watch the movie! Let's quickly check what it was all about!

Runescape Addendum is a movie created by the rs07news team. This team makes regular videos about updates on Oldschool Runescape. The team consists of three people, namely Tendors God, Jaxendale and Fatal Hitz X. Some months ago, they came up with the idea to create the first movie of OldSchool Runescape; Runescape Addendum. This would become a real movie with the length of an hour or longer. I first thought 'A Runescape movie, seriously?', but as time passed we saw some new epic trailers of the movie, and I really couldn't wait! And, after 2 months of waiting, it was finally here!

The story (Spoiler-free!)

Runescape Addendum is about a player, called Jadeex Lamina, who takes control of Oldschool Runescape. He is unhappy with the Oldschool server, and he thinks Jagex is not doing enough to make sure that this version of the game stays alive. He decides to take control of Oldschool Runescape himself, and let it die slowly, so Jagex would need to listen to him and create a new server (pre-eoc). He wants to achieve this by changing how the game works; if you log out or die, you will be permanently banned and you can not log-in anymore. Creating a new account won't work either, since he disabled it.

He also randomly teleports players to the wilderness, what forces them to fight. At first many
players thought this was just a simple joke, but later they discovered it was not. The Rs07News team of course couldn't let this happen, and they held a speech at Varrock Square. They told they would do anything to stop this Jadeex guy. After a pm of a player they start their adventure in the wildy, looking for a clue....and this is where the story starts.

The movie is really well scripted; it has everything a movie needs. There is some humour in it, there are some serious topics being discussed and it brings back some memories of how Runescape was before (for me at least). The music choice is also really epic! For every moment there was some epic music to go along with it! I think this is really one of the best Runescape movies ever made!

The Characters

There are many characters in this movie, and I can't name them all, but here are some important ones.

Jaxendale, Tendors God, Fatal Hitz x - The Rs07News team, they are the ones who are trying stop Jadeex Lamina from destroying OldSchool Runescape, but will they succeed?

Jadeex Lamina - The one who managed to hack OldSchool Runescape. He has an evil plan to destroy OSRS forever so Jagex would be forced to create new servers.

Athena (Jaxendale's sister) - Athena is the helper of Jadeex. Together with him they will try to destroy OSRS forever, so Jagex would need to listen to their players for new pre-eoc servers.

So Wreck3d and Rajj Patel - Famous youtubers. They both have a role in this movie (to find out what, check out the movie! )

and many many more (famous) people! I won't tell who though as this would ruin the surprise ;)

My opinion on the movie

I thought the movie was really awesome and I  had no moments in the movie where I thought it was boring. I loved the humour of the movie, the music choices and just the story overall. I must say that Jaxendale really did a great job here, and I just can't wait to see more of him! I also was really surprised to see so many famous people in the movie, and I think it is just great that they took the time to support it. It really did exceed all my expectations.

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