Wednesday, 31 July 2013

GWD tweaks - EARN IT!

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Many people are asking for the GWD because they want more PvM while keeping the game 'Old School', since it was released in 2007. That's what makes OSRS 'Old School', right? Well if you ask me, GWD was one of the updates that took away its Old Schoolness, for a lack of a better word, and here's why.

Before the GWD, all bosses in 2007 are profitable and viable for a PvMer to make some money and have a decent challenge. Just to list off a few; Kalphite Queen offers the legendary Dragon Chainbody and Dragon 2h Sword, Dagannoth Kings offers a wide variety of useful combat rings and the Dragon axe, the Barrows mini-game offers a ton of level 70 gear, and the King Black Dragon offers the Draconic Visage. 

Before the GWD, the Wilderness wasn't infested with the overpowered Godswords that have an insane accuracy complimented with a very strong strength bonus and special attacks, nor did it have those occasional jokers with full Bandos and max strength.

BASICALLY what makes Runescape Old School, in my opinion, is the need to work for power, not buying it. There are not many items considered 'Overpowered' that can be purchased through trade.
In 'Old School', the strongest gear should have to be EARNED

Some examples:
-Fighter Torso requires quite a bit of time to earn.
-Full Void requires a ton of time at Pest Control to earn.
-Barrows Gloves requires a ton of questing, skills, and time to earn - same goes for mithril gloves, etc. for pures.
-Ancient & Lunar Magics require a lot of skills, quests, bosses, and time to earn
-Rune defender requires a good amount of time in the Warriors' Guild to earn.
-Fire Cape requires a pretty tough fight and an average of 2 hours of straight combat testing your skills to earn.

I may be forgetting a few things but you get the gist of it.


So now that you know where I'm coming from, I'll list off what I believe would be good tweaks for GWD to keep it 'Old School' and to not have it kill off every other bit of content below it.

-No gravestones. The game needs item sinks; this would be a great place for it.
-All four Godsword Hilts along with Bandos and Armadyl will be non-tradeable. 
-The only stuff tradeable from the dungeon will be the Godsword shards and blades, Dragon boots, and everything else. 
-If a player dies while wearing Bandos, Armadyl, or any of the Hilts/completed Godswords and they are not protected on death, the gods will re-claim them after a minute of being on the ground.

With such powerful armor and weapons, players should have to earn these items themselves. The gods will not allow the sale or exchange of their mighty equipment. 
I believe this'll boost the social aspect of the game, as well, by getting more players and teams together to participate in the dungeon. It'd be really sweet seeing all different types of account-builds bossing in the dungeon in hopes of obtaining powerful equipment.
No more will people be able to simply just buy power. You want Old School, then EARN it.

When it comes to piecing the Godsword Blade to a Hilt, players can either smith it themselves or if they do not have the smithing level required, will have to pay an npc smith to put it together for a HEFTY sum of gold; the game needs more item and gold sinks.


The GWD needs to be a place where players invest a lot of their time and money in to build their character's power; not where players can farm gold. There's plenty of other bosses roaming around Runescape, they must not be made dead content, and there's always the possibility of adding new bosses for money-making; not power-building.

Feel free to debate about this and give your opinions of how the GWD should be implemented, if it ever will be. OSRS is for the community to shape and build its future! 

-Capt McGee

Lets bring the community together, not further apart!