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Zybez Community Voices: Old School RuneScape Q2

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"Did you think Jagex should have acknowledged So Wreck3d's YouTube video and petition to bring back pre-EoC servers, and other campaigns he inspired, in any way at the time? And what were your initial feelings when they actually did?"

Editors' Pick: The duck Naduss
In my opinion no individual should be able to directly influence Jagex for an outcome that affects everyone. On the other hand, I do think that certain well-known ''figureheads'' of the community should be able to express a feeling on behalf of that respective part of the community. These ideas don't belong to a certain person, in this case So Wreck3d, but they belong to a larger community. In that sense, Jagex already acknowledged the video by actually bringing back old servers. There is no need for a company to thank a specific individual in my opinion.

As for the introduction of the old school servers, I think it is a good idea. Jagex would be foolish if they did not release it, as it is another great source of income. Besides, the fact that many have attempted to re-create the old runescape by themselves is already enough evidence that there will be people willing to play. Honestly, Jagex might have stated once that they would never ever release an oldschool server, but would you, as a company, let a cash cow just slip like that? I think not. As for the long term, I think we can all safely say that activity of the old school servers will never reach the peaks of ''true'' 2007 era. But that is only logical, we're in a completely different internet age and to be fair the game mechanics have aged a lot, at least for me it did.

That's cool that jagex wants to hear us.
Evf Renkotsu
I feel that, yes, Jagex should have at least acknowledged So Wreck3d's video and petition and considered the idea and worked around the clock to keep their paying members. The only problem there would be with it (and this is NOT how I initially felt about the proposition) is that if there were two separate servers, there would be advantages and disadvantages between the two games. There would also be complications for EoC to keep a balanced combat triangle.

Advantages would be in favour of EoC, where PvM, Dungeoneering, and training would be easier and faster, whereas others will struggle with the disadvantages of RS2 in the fields of money making and PvM. With the implementation of new weapons and armour with EoC, they will also be introduced to RS2. If you are able to freely switch from EoC to RS2, then your bank will have EoC items that complicate RS2's pking community.

I understand now that it wouldn't be possible to have RS2 and EoC in the same entity of RuneScape because the EoC provides an easier version of RS2 - it would almost be like a minigame that takes up an entire world.

The only way to help us would have been to never switch to the EoC in the first place. I mean, now look at it: it's mostly bots gold farming, and people rarely buy the money that they gather. It's dead content, just like their Squeal of Fortune and Solomon's Shop or whatever it is.

They already DID acknowledge So Wreck3d's campaign and derivatives thereof (albeit indirectly) in the form of Mod Mark's forum threads involving old-school servers AND the news posts Mark Gerhard made. So, while they didn't say that So Wreck3d's petition had any effect on it, they DID acknowledge that this kind of matter was constantly talked about by the RS community, and last time I checked, anyone who plays RS and has an opinion on it is a member of the RS community. As for when they actually did, I found it to be a HUGE disappointment. I honestly expected Jagex to stay true to their word about not releasing any old-school servers. I don't care what your opinion is on the matter, 07scape is for all intents and purposes pre-EoC.
Jaddy Murdoc
No, I don’t think that JaGEx should set the precedent by making clear that you can get anything done as long as you keep nagging. This player-base is already very demanding and likes to complain and nag a lot; and exactly because it is common, JaGEx shouldn’t reward that by giving recognition that one time they were forced to bend the knee.

When they actually did acknowledged him, I shrugged it off, it sounded like a plan that was doomed to fail. My general feelings were that the horde was mostly blinded with passionate nostalgia. I didn’t think too much of it though, since it would be some servers on the side, it shouldn’t have too big of an impact on the general gameplay.

Though I admittedly said in the previous edition that I wasn't expecting miracles from So Wreck3d to start off with - given Jagex itself was 'clear' that people needed to basically "get over" the Evolution of Combat and look to the future - yes. Even though I didn't expect them to at all, no matter how annoying we are I do think that Jagex should be mindful of our collective mood at all times. As cliche as it sounds, "we pay we say" has an element of truth.

Indeed when it became obvious that this was snowballing into something substantially more than an hour-long Falador riot of 10 people, Mod Mark's 'Old and New' article had an air of inevitability for me. I thought it was a great step forward as at the end of the day Jagex is a business first. If they feel that the EoC hasn't exactly worked out as intended, and the new content planned for this year similarly fails to recapture that certain spark, why wouldn't they take a closer look at this prospect? What does otherwise being so stubborn achieve other than making you look so stupid? Especially if going down this path saves them the time, money (indeed even make a fair bit at the end of the day), and trouble of having to shut down the plethora of individual private servers out there who're aready siphoning away at the playerbase. 'Official' servers in this regard, I thought, could work out for everyone. Revitalises the PvP scene by pulling back disillusioned players, improves Jagex's reputation as a company which actually cares about what its customers want, and so on.

Plus some of my real-life mates were saying pre-EoC worlds were just the kind of things that would get them back into RuneScape, so was excited to see if Jagex would pull through. :-D

Brad S Nitromanic
Granted, I've never seen the video nor others that he inspired, I would say that Jagex shouldn't have acknowledged the video. Jagex probably did, somewhere on the vast internet, comment on the video either directly on the page or elsewhere.

It would be a bad business move to say to a customer, yes I hear your opinions, but we're not going to do that. What if Jagex couldn't have found an old version of the game after telling those people who had signed the petition that it was a good idea. It would've gotten their hopes up, for nothing, and those customers would have a more negative opinion towards the company. A business shouldn't announce anything drastic, such as a new product, which in this case it was, until they are 100% sure that they could bring that product to market. Also I'm quite sure that the people at Jagex had ideas of bringing a past server back online, because they have a history of doing that in the Classic game.

When it was announced by Mod Mark, it was clear they had looked into it and had found something. That was just to build up hype. I don't remember ever seeing that so I can't remember how I felt, however as I said I think it was just hype and he wouldn't have asked for people's opinions had they not already had something in the pipeline.

I believe Jagex should've acknowledged So Wreck3d's video, even if they had had no intentions of bringing back pre-EoC servers, out of common courtesy if they had nothing else to say. I don't think it was right to ignore it, since so many signed the petition which should've clearly highlighted to Jagex that people wanted pre-EoC servers. As for my initial feelings when they actually did acknowledge it, I'm glad they did so. I think it was right that they went with what the majority wanted, or what seemed to be the majority. On the other hand I feel saddened by it since it was clear from the onset that they didn't view in a way of "pleasing the community", I think they viewed it more as a way to generate more income for a company who has lost the respect of many players over the years which isn't right in my opinion.
spoonheb Velits
I think it is fair to acknowledge where the idea came from, even though the majority already knew by the time Jagex had commented on it.

Overall, since they did basically take the idea he passed a long it would have been nice if they acknowledged it, maybe not on the front-page, but on the forums or somewhere. I say they took his idea because they never really gave a choice of what kind of server would be added, they simply plopped down a poll asking if we wanted an 07 server when a lot of people would have been happy with anything pre-EoC.

I also am in favour of the opinion that the way to get things done is not complain, rather do something about it yourself. Was the need for a video there? Was a video really the best way to get the concerns across? While JaGEx make act secretive about updates, they are a company made up of people, real people. If you send them a letter or a proposition in a formal manner they will read it so long as it isn't mindless blabber. In recent news a player was able to get hundreds of accounts banned by forwarding a list of suspected botters to the company. This is just an example of the fact that JaGEx do take notice.

A common saying in some democratic countries when an unpopular bill is on it's way through the governmental channels is 'write you're representative', not go make a video or a rant post on Facebook then ask your friends to share it. When you take something seriously you should act as such, not dump it into social media, hope it gains weight then talk to people about it. That is not how companies operate.

This is a though one to answer . I could easily agree that Jagex should have acknowledged it because I wanted the return of pre-EoC servers. Though looking from Jagex's perspective I can understand that they didn't acknowledge it right away. With introducing the EoC Jagex went into a new direction. It was obvious they would lose alot of players which played the main game in case they would release these pre-EoC servers. Eventually they did release them. I believe there were some rumours about a possible return of the servers before the video of So Wreck3d so it's hard to call if he should have been the one who started the revolution. Jagex just couldn't resist with the ongoing complaints under command of His Lordship, and later So Wreck3d. It was a collision of two ideals which has been won by the community. My feelings about the release of the pre-EoC servers were good at first. I've been playing on them for a while but started to realise after a few weeks that it wasn't like before. In the end I think it only helped the decline of RuneScape going even faster.
The wording of the question is a bit of a misnomer since they did not directly credit Wreck as a figure head for the communities disgruntlement. It would have been like saying 'His Lordship' saved the clan world, which though I like the guy would end up in many angry disagreements from parts of the clan community.

My initial feeling of when they u-turned their decision of not introducing old servers and acknowledging the communities appeal was one of (happy) bemusement. I felt like the community had essentially stuck the finger to the man and they (Jagex) had crumbled to appease their customer base despite the original smarmy condescension of nostalgia goggles and dogtanian references.

That may seem harsh but I believe that a large proportion of the runescape playerbase consists of young adults ranging from 18-25 who are not quite as immature (well... a reasonable proportion) as the senior management of Jagex seem to believe... and are old enough and ugly enough to know what they enjoy.