Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Appeal of 07

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When I informed a friend that I had applied to be an 07 contributor and help blog for the community E-zine he replied, "there are two words in that statement that I didn't even know back in 2007."  Without a doubt, technology and our social networking has advanced exponentially in the past 6 years.  However, even with all this technology at our fingertips - literally with touch screens - we, the players of 07 elect to live in the past.  I implore you to think about the reasons behind this.  Is it because of the unparalleled community on the 07 servers, or perhaps the sense of accomplishment that is increasingly difficult to find on "easyscape"?

Whatever the reason, I hope the nostalgia that lured you back to 07 game play persists and you are able to achieve that which eluded you 6 years ago.