Saturday, 15 June 2013

OSRS: How Are We Doing?

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I didn't follow the development of real 2007 RS at all. I played the game casually, so I'm coming at this development process fresh. I thought I'd give my first impressions on the first few months of OSRS.

Overall, I love the game. It's fun, and hard in a good way. So when I give you the negatives, keep in mind there's positives too.

Slow Tool Development
Looks like Mat forgot his toolbag, oh dear.
Yeah, tool development. Yes it matters. OSRS has been without the toolkit needed to add what players want for months. This is a very real concern for the poll system, as it slows them down for no good reason. Jagex, these were needed on release.

After playing OSRS for a while, this has become a notable problem. Macroers destroy the game economy by hoarding highly sought after resources. Jagex are adamant they're winning the war, but there's still no decisive winner (if it even can be won). There are signs of improvement showing, skilling spots once rife with botters are now quiet, some worlds are even empty.

No F2P (Free To Play)
Could I talk to someone at Jagex about this for like 5 minutes? F2P is paramount to a game's growth, people want to sample the goods before investing (rightly so!). Without it we are doomed to the same fate as RSC. We have lots going out, but few coming in, which can be rectified by F2P.

It's not all gloom, OSRS is a fantastic game with many unique things to offer!

It Really Is Old School!
I like the year 2007, maybe it's because it ends with James Bond's code name, or maybe it's because something important I can't remember took place. This period of RS just feels complete, the cities, the armour, the skill training methods all link together. Like in any old school game, you want something? You work for it. There's little 'lucking out' in OSRS, items which require great effort to obtain command respect. Hard work pays off, those words are sorely missed in other modern games.

PKing Is Back!

PKing's glory days have been revived! What makes PKing so popular is its simplicity, but don't be fooled by it. What seems like two players whacking eachother until the other goes down is highly nuanced. Games of chance and wit are played underneath. When should I use my special attack? When is his next attack? Can I eat food before he hits me again? What's his max hit? Can I survive it? When should I risk it all? When is HE risking it all? This simplicity was lost in EoCscape, I'm glad it's back.

The Community & Events
Since OSRS's release we've seen a surge in RuneScape popularity, media outlets such as Twitch and YouTube all display a huge increase in viewership. Due to this popularity, regular community events have taken place, the one I attend: -~•* OSRS Town Square Q&A *•~-  is great fun. If you're on the fence about attending an event, please do! They really are worth it.

Overall Experience
My overall experience was as follows. I did some F2P quests. I wasted hours of my time killing Goblins. I did some more F2P quests. Started levelling up and had more fun. Decided to get 99 Woodcutting. I attended some events. Had lots of fun. Started posting on the forums. Had even more fun. Decided to get 99 Fishing. Posted even more on the forums. Had even more fun again! And now we're here.

OSRS is hard, very hard. Think of the hardest thing you can, multiply its difficulty by 3. That's how hard OSRS is, and we like it that way. If you're dedicated and like a challenge this is the game for you. If not then there's other games, but none like OSRS. It will eat your soul and change your life, all at the same skill plot.

To answer my question, I think we're doing just fine. Cheers for reading!