Tuesday, 11 June 2013

EoC vs Old School

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Since the launch of Old School RuneScape, we've had two popular versions of RuneScape. Both versions appeal to players for different reasons. Some want a pre-EoC server while others prefer the lack of a Grand Exchange or a lack of a different update.

Some players are simply content with their version of choice. Others do not seem so content. These players feel the need to prove their version of choice is superior when in conversation with a player from the other version.

Does this make sense? To me, the need to convince others that my choice is superior shows an insecurity with myself. It means that I need you to agree with me to validate my opinion. In many cases, the opinion of others is important and can be constructive. It can help you refine your own opinion.

In this case though, there's nothing to be achieved by players of the two versions hating each other. It's drama for the sake of drama.

If you like Old School RuneScape but don't like the main version, that's fine. That simply means you should pay attention to polls and to discussion in the Old School feedback forum to voice your opinion (in a constructive manner) to help ensure this version heads down a path you agree with.

If you play the main version and feel that Old School RuneScape is out of date and irrelevant in comparison to the main version, that's fine. But what is there to gain by expressing that to Old School players?

It's a wonderful time period for RuneScape. Players now have a choice of what kind of gameplay they prefer. No longer do we have to simply quit RuneScape if we're unhappy with updates to the main game. We can play both versions as much or as little as we want to.

What am I saying?

We have two versions of RuneScape, both appealing to players for a number of different reasons. We should be content in our choice of game if we've chosen to only play one. We have nothing to prove. Opinions are subjective, not objective. No one is right and no one is wrong.

Be content and enjoy RuneScape, whichever version!